Visit from Demarco - Santiago 25 Scarab M6 Sweepers
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The City of Santiago, Chile has benefitted from steady economic growth and through successive development campaigns has become a modern metropolis in South America. The Government Authorities fight a constant battle to improve air quality in a location that suffers from Atmospheric thermal inversion caused by its geography and climate. This meteorological phenomenon means dust and pollutants produced by road traffic and industries are held in the lower atmosphere, near ground level, leading to respiratory issues for the public.

The Government of Santiago, took an important decision to increase the quality and frequency of street sweeping across their capital. And over the past 7 years have put over 25 Scarab M6 sweepers into operation across the various districts by Demarco who are a key contractor in the Santiago area.

The machines were sold by the Scarab distributor, General Trade S.A, who maintains the machines on a service contract to ensure they provide the highest level service and utilization.

It was with great pleasure we recently had a visit from Julio Heyermann and Sergio Correa from Demarco and Felipe Galilea and Alejandro Baeza from General Trade S.A to discuss the technological enhancements and advances we have made on the latest generation sweepers which would be available on their future requirements. 

In the photo: Alejandro Baeza – Commercial Manager Machine Division (GeneralTrade), Julio Heyermann – Technical Manager (Demarco), Dave Cassingham – Managing Director (Scarab), Sergio Correa – Operations Manager (Demarco), Felipe Galilea – General Manager (General Trade), Doug Flynn – Export Sales Manager (Scarab)

Demarco vist Scarab from Santiago, Chile.
Demarco vist Scarab from Santiago, Chile.

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