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It's Lights Out, and Away We Go! Scarab Return to the 2023 British Grand Prix


It's Lights Out, and Away We Go! Scarab Return to the 2023 British Grand Prix

As the atmosphere settles at a triumphant Silverstone Race Circuit, we are proud to reflect on another successful weekend supporting the Formula 1 British Grand Prix. The Scarab team – comprised of experienced members of the Service, Sales Support and Production departments – worked exceptionally hard to meet the high standards set by Race Control to ensure the high-performance vehicles on display at the event could deliver safe and exciting racing for the 480,000 of fans in attendance.

This year picked up where last year ended, as the Scarab team were deployed to the track on multiple occasions to clear debris and allow the drivers to safely deliver exceptional racing performances. The team used their expertise to uphold the sweeping standards expected of Scarab’s machines, thanks to the 10+ year relationship held with the Silverstone circuit.

The sweepers – four truck-mounts and four compact machines from Scarab’s demonstration fleet - caught the eye of many spectators between sessions thanks to their striking livery, which proudly donned the instantly recognizable Fayat blue and yellow diamond. The race programme was jam-packed with action which saw the machines put to work for the entire 4-day event.

Reflecting on the event, Scarab’s Marketing Executive, Callum Huthwaite, commented: "the Scarab team and machines work so hard to meet the standards needed to deliver an internationally-recognized highlight in the sporting calendar. To say that we have played a part – albeit small – in delivering the event is amazing. Thank you to the team for all their hard work over the weekend and we can’t wait to see what 2024 has in store!”