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About Us


Three elements, synthesised through our strap line, which underpin our approach to serving valued customers.

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We are one of the world’s leading manufacturer of environmentally sensitive sweeping vehicles and produce a range of products that not only fulfil customer’s operational needs but give additional environmental benefits and reduce the ongoing operational costs of that equipment over its considerable lifespan.

We are fully committed to providing an ethical and forward-thinking environment for our team and this translates to our customers, products and service.

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Since 2011 Scarab has been part of the Fayat Group, a French family business with a network of over 130 autonomous companies, structured in seven divisions: building and public works; steelworks; electricity; electronics and IT; road equipment; material handling; hoisting equipment and pressure vessels.

Scarab is part of the road equipment division and since 2017 has been in a Business Unit with street sweeper manufacturers Mathieu and RAVO, called Fayat Environmental Solutions. With over 150 years of combined experience, the division is committed to a clean future through the deployment of its broad range of sustainable sweepers for the compact, mid-size and truck-mounted sectors.