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Scarab Sweepers Launch New Website & Company Video


Scarab Sweepers Launch New Website & Company Video

Scarab Sweepers have announced the next chapter of their business by launching a new website platform and company video. The Scarab brand has always been synonymous with class-leading quality and innovation, and 2021 welcomes this new platform to bring users closer to their industry-leading products and services than ever before.

The website has been developed from extensive customer feedback and, thanks to its easy-to-use interface, will make the process of finding the correct sweeping solutions for users seamless. Each product in the range has a dedicated webpage designed to extensively unpack the benefits of each machine and, with redesigned brochures and technical specifications also available, customers will be able to find out more about their collection of environmentally-conscious sweeping solutions.

What’s more, with dedicated areas for After Sales, Vehicle Stock and their Dealer Network, users are now able to readily access their market-leading support and find solutions tailored to the demands of their operation. Speaking on the launch, Scarab’s Marketing Executive Callum Huthwaite comments, “the feedback we have received from the new website launch and company video has been fantastic. It has given us a great base to build on as we plan on releasing a lot of exciting new projects and customer-focused content in the near future.”

As well as this, the website is also home to Scarab’s new company video. Shot across their 137,000 square foot site in Marden and in multiple locations in the South East of England, the company video captures the efforts of Scarab’s dedicated, long-serving team of employees and the market-leading sweeping machine’s they are responsible for handcrafting.

To discover more about Scarab Sweepers, and to see this exciting company video, visit the new website: