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How tough is your challenge?


How tough is your challenge?

Scarab Sweepers’ flagship sweeping solution, the Magnum 82, comfortably excels across heavy-duty road planing applications.

A blend of high specification and innovative design, the Magnum 82 is the flagship sweeper in Scarab’s range of high-performance road cleansing vehicles. Rugged, powerful, and versatile – this sweeper has been expertly designed to deliver outstanding performance across all civil works and specialist applications including airport operations, high-pressure surface cleaning and road planing.

The single-engine configuration and intuitive CANbus control and diagnostic system combine to make the Magnum 82 one of Scarab’s most versatile machines with exceptional suction power, excellent endurance, and a host of options to suit specialist requirements. For this reason, the Magnum 82 is a leading solution for contractors looking to achieve optimum performance while pushing their machine to the limit.


In the Cut

Road planing is regarded to be one of the toughest applications a road sweeper will be tasked with. The abrasive nature of the debris makes collection challenging for the sweeping components and the suction system, while the need to accompany a road planer on a job for hours on end tests the endurance of both the machine and the operator. To highlight this machine’s capabilities, Scarab’s Magnum 82 was recently put to work across residential and highway planing sites in Northampton and Derby to tackle cuts that ranged from 120 – 200mm, following a road planer and accompanying tipper trucks.

Scarab is the pioneer of the truck-mounted sweeper powered from a single-engine – and it is this hydrostatic drive system that allows the Magnum 82 to thrive in challenging contractor environments. As well as providing a range of benefits such as reduced weight, increased payload, reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions, this system also provides a number of operator benefits. While on the job site, the operator experienced the machine’s simple joystick control for forward and reverse, which combine with the ease at which fine sweep speed control is maintained, made the task at hand easy so he could fully concentrate on sweeping without fatiguing while working for hours on end.


Naturally, with the logistical challenges that come with organising a convoy of heavy-duty vehicles in a planning application, the Scarab operator was required to approach the work area in specific intervals and from a number of different angles. Thanks to the Magnum 82’s intuitive Door-pod control system, the operator was able to easily switch between single, dual sweep and optional auxiliary sliding brush functions - while also being able to adjust brush speeds, angles and optional down pressure at the same time.

The inclusion of Scarab’s high-speed stainless-steel fan configuration as standard allowed for efficient and effective debris collection, no matter the depth of the cut or the size or shape of the planings. The fan, which operates up to a maximum of 3400rpm, is positioned in the roof of the hopper to provide a short airflow path to deliver exceptional performance, while also reducing noise in-cab for the operator and at ground level for the ground workers.

In this setting, the Magnum 82 was able to offer exceptional on-task endurance thanks to its large 8.2 cubic metre hopper. Made of abrasion and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the hopper is strong and durable and is the perfect capacity for contractor operations where the machine is required to work continuously for long hours. The machine's hopper capacity was pushed to the limit across multiple sites across the week, and even then, the sweeper continued to effortlessly lift debris from the cut.

Single Engine, Single Emission, No Compromise

With the duty on Red Diesel set to be removed in April 2022, and the unavoidable increase in fuel costs on twin-engine sweepers, Scarab’s single-engine ethos – which has been a focus since the inception of the company over 40 years ago - has never been more relevant for UK sweeper operators. Scarab is on hand with decades of experience in supporting customers in their transition from twin-engine to our industry-leading single-engine sweeping solutions.

“Our single-engine machines have always delivered exceptional performance”, Scarab’s Manager of Marketing and Product Development - Gary Kelleher - explains, “but now, more so than ever, the advantages of our high performance, yet fuel-efficient, single-engine models will help customers increase productivity and reduce their operating cost.

Scarab’s sweepers have always delivered impressive performance results across a full spectrum of applications but when combined with the additional financial and environmental advantages compared to twin-engine alternatives, it is clear why Scarab has been an industry-leading, trusted provider for heavy-duty sweeping contractors across Europe and beyond for decades.

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