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An Iconic Livery for a Worthy Cause | BF Sweepers


An Iconic Livery for a Worthy Cause | BF Sweepers

The team at BF Sweepers are determined to make a difference. Jem Wakefield, Managing Director of BF Sweepers, and the team have been Scarab customers for a number of years. With each new vehicle they add to their fleet, the team work with local signwriters to don their machines in an iconic livery that catches the eye and supports a worthy cause.

BF Sweepers are based in Gloucestershire and are an established company that provides road cleaning and high-pressure road cleansing services to the South West and beyond. The team have been in the business for a number of years and noticed that a lot of sweeper operators were missing an opportunity to promote charitable causes on the side of their vehicles.

Each BF Sweepers hopper is wrapped in the Pink Ribbon Foundation’s iconic pink colour and is paired with an instantly recognizable Union Jack cab. With each delivery, the Scarab team is proud to support the cause with donations to the charity to recognise the team’s exceptional work.

Jem Andy

About the Pink Ribbon Foundation

The Pink Ribbon Foundation is a grant making trust with a mission to fund projects and provide financial support to UK charities which relieve the needs of people who are suffering from, have been affected by breast cancer, or who work to advance the understanding of breast cancer and its early detection and treatment.

Discover More About The Pink Ribbon Foundation

BF Sweepers run a large fleet of heavy-duty sweepers and have recently discovered the benefits of Scarab’s single-engine platform. The team plan on continuing to spread its positive message, while reducing its emissions, for years to come.

For more information on BF Sweepers, and the work they do for the Pink Ribbon Foundation, please visit: