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'Retiring the Donkey' - Brodyr Evans Bros. Reap the Benefits of Single Engine


'Retiring the Donkey' -  Brodyr Evans Bros. Reap the Benefits of Single Engine

Brodyr Evans Bros. is a family-run business based in Dolgellau, Wales that supplies a variety of plant machinery, including road sweepers, across Mid and North Wales. They offer Self and Operated Hire sweeping solutions to customers requiring support for a range of municipal and contractor applications.

Like many sweeper-hire companies, Brodyr Evans Bros. began their sweeping journey by procuring a range of twin engine sweepers over the past 4+ decades, however they have now recognized the immense benefits of switching their fleet to single engine Scarab sweepers.

Serving Mid and North-Wales

Brodyr Evans Bros., who are a well-established and busy surfacing company, started the sweeping arm of their business in 1985. This came after the team identified that their local council, Gwynedd Council, were having to travel a long way to hire road sweepers. This cost the local authority a lot of money in delivery fees and collection charges on top of hire rates, while also restricting their ability to take advantage of short-term hires during busy periods. Brodyr Evans Bros. started this part of their business to support the council, before expanding to serve wider parts of the industry.

Quickly, their customer base began to grow, and the team found themselves having to purchase more sweepers to cope with the demands of heavy-duty applications. As the business spread across the country, the team continued to grow the fleet of sweepers up to 12 machines.

‘Retiring the Donkey’ – Reaping the Benefits of Single Engine

“In September 2021, as fuel prices rocketed and hire rates became increasingly difficult to raise, we decided to look at the Single Engine concept for the first time”, comments owner, Huw Evans. Before this point, Scarab’s single engine platform had not been a consideration for their fleet due to its relative obscurity in the contractor market.

After adding the first couple of single engine machines to the fleet, the benefits became clear. “The Single Engine concept delivers lower fuel costs, increased payload, improved performance, reduced maintenance costs (due to not having any auxiliary engine issues), reasonable parts prices, ease of repair when required, and good backup from Scarab when needed”, Huw adds.

The Perfect Tool for Contractor Sweeping

Today, the majority of Brodyr’s fleet is dominated by Magnum 72 sweepers, with the outstanding machines set to be transitioned to entirely Scarab single engine vehicles in the future.

The Magnum 72 offers Brodyr Evans Bros. the ability to comprehensively meet the demands of any contractor work they complete, thanks to the superior payload and hopper capacity of the machine. As well as this, the short efficient airflow path and high-speed fan configuration provide superior performance, even when collecting heavy debris.

“We receive a lot of feedback from our customers when we complete sweeping work with planers for surfacing contractors. The feedback is very good due to the excellent suction delivered by the Scarab Magnum”.

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Brodyr Evans Bros.