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The Changing Face of the High Street | How Must Road Sweepers Evolve?


The Changing Face of the High Street | How Must Road Sweepers Evolve?

Road sweeping vehicles are required now, more than ever, to deliver a full range of cleansing solutions to help ensure local authorities can maintain the high standards of cleanliness required for daily living. Our urban spaces are changing and so our machines, and their operators, are asked to do more – especially in densely populated settings, such as high streets. This is resulting in a rise in demand for street scrubbing solutions.

A large number of independent and chain retail outlets continue to feel the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in many removing their physical presence from UK high streets – instead opting to continue trading as online-only outfits. RealBusiness estimate that on average 4 high street retail venues close in the UK each day, with the majority of space being taken up by food outlets that can rely on a more consistent flow of customers. The rise of delivery services has helped safeguard many independent/chain food outlet positions in some of the hottest locations on our high streets. Now, many towns/cities find their local shopping venues populated with a plethora of cuisines from around the world.

But how is this changing the demands of cleansing services?

Naturally, the changing face of the high street is having a knock-on effect on the teams tasked with maintaining them. Traditionally, many local authorities have chosen to operate a range of road sweeping vehicles – including sub-compact, compact and smaller truck-mounted machines – but now, they must look even further to tackle these challenges.

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Street scrubbing is a popular cleansing method across Europe, with many municipalities making it their preferred method of cleansing in their towns and cities. By washing the streets, in conjunction with usual sweeping practices, local authorities are able to maintain the appearance of road surfaces for a prolonged period of time. Historically, this has not always been a priority of many local authorities in the UK however, with the majority of high street players changing from retail to hospitality, the expectations are changing. The rise in dine-in and takeaway restaurants has, subsequently, seen a rise in food waste littering our streets. With the added pressures posed by the additional grease, grime and unsanitary smells littering our urban spaces – how can we tackle the issue?

Scarab, and its sister companies Mathieu and Ravo, form the Fayat Environmental Solutions business unit and together, the companies are equipped to offer a total range of road cleansing solutions to customers stationed around the world.

Dedicated Tool for Specialist Applications | Aquazura

The Aquazura is a highly efficient, total surface cleaning solution which has been configured to deliver exceptional results while still respecting the environment. The Aquazura is just one part of Fayat Environmental Solutions' extensive portfolio of road cleansing solutions, which is available to customers in the UK through Scarab!

The machine’s cleaning system is capable of wetting, soaping and scrubbing the road surface, while also recycling wastewater to prolong on-station time. Its scrubbing head, which hosts 5 adjustable brushes, allows the machine to cover an impressive surface area with each pass. Its eco-washing technology is capable of treating all types of surfaces using a non-aggressive process – and, by coupling this with its low noise and exhaust emissions, the Aquazura has been configured to clean the environment, without hurting it.

Across a wide range of surfaces including pavements, pedestrian zones, historical centres, parking areas, airports, etc., the Aquazura is able to demonstrate its impressive road scrubbing credentials in a number of challenging applications.


Flexible Sweeping Solutions | MC210 & Scrub Deck

The MC210 is one of Fayat Environmental Solutions’ leading machines which offers high levels of sweeping and suction performance, while also providing flexible tools to suit the specific needs of many cleansing applications. Available as a standard sweeper or with a range of flexible options including a third brush, scrub deck, washer, salt spreader, snow removal brush and snow blade, there is no task too challenging for this compact machine.

Its 2 cubic metre hopper affords the operator impressive on-station time, while the machine’s sweep width and patented push-pull brush mechanism ensure that no area is too hard to reach. Water is a road sweepers’ best friend, so the MC210’s water tank and delivery system are as durable as ever to make each cleansing task as seamless as possible. When all the sweeping commitments have been completed, a scrub deck attachment can be fitted to the front of the machine in just a matter of minutes – turning this powerful sweeping machine, into a robust and thorough scrubbing tool with impressing detergent delivery.

As expected from the MC210, the maneuverability offered in both 2- and 4- wheel steer modes (with and without the scrub deck) is impressive and allows operators to clean every inch of road surface with incredible accuracy.


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