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Educating the Next Generation on the Benefits of Electric Vehicle Technology


Educating the Next Generation on the Benefits of Electric Vehicle Technology

As part of our commitment to accelerating society’s transition to a cleaner, healthier environment the Scarab team have been spearheading a number of initiatives in local communities to improve awareness of our environmentally focused technology. With drives to support our customers transition from twin to single engine, as well as introducing electric compact and mid-sized machines into our product line-up, we are committed to helping our customers meet the demands of their operation, without harming the environment.


Recent examples of this project include ‘Show and Tell’ presentations of our all-electric mid-size sweeper, the 5 eSeries, to local schools and pre-schools. By educating attendees about the role a road sweeper plays in keeping their communities clean, and explaining how our electric technology is helping to protect the environment further, we hope to continue sharing a positive message to the next generation of innovators.

As well as these visits, Scarab continues to engage with a number of local businesses across the UK in our manufacturing processes and also supports customers with community-driving initiatives such as litter-picking events.

For more information on how we are working to support local communities, please contact a member of the Scarab team.