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Supporting Customers Transition from Twin to Single Engine Sweepers


Supporting Customers Transition from Twin to Single Engine Sweepers

For over four decades, Scarab Sweepers has been a global leader in the design and manufacture of truck-mounted road sweepers for municipal, highway and off-highway applications. The company offers a wide range of truck-mounted sweeping solutions, which come in a variety of body sizes and drive types, to help customers achieve exceptional cleansing results in some of the world’s toughest environments.

Scarab’s mission, which lies at the core of our business vision, is simple: to design and manufacture the most environmentally focused range of sweeping solutions. While still offering a selection of twin-engine solutions for some markets, Scarab can justifiably claim to be the pioneer of the truck-mounted sweeper powered from a single-engine and the ongoing success of this system is a seal of their commitment to the environment.

Though recognizing that the future of the industry lies in alternative fuel solutions with the increasing focus on zero emissions, Scarab believes that there has never been a more important time than now to make the switch to single-engine machine to help customers reduce emissions and costs immediately.

“In light of the recent Government announcement on the removal of duty on Red Diesel, our strategy to support customers in transitioning from a twin-engine to a single-engine platform has never been more crucial”, Scarab’s Manager of Marketing and Product Development, Gary Kelleher, explains.

“While our single-engine machines have always offered a number of benefits including decreased noise and engine emissions, less weight, greater payload and reduced maintenance, the advantage of our single-engine machines offering reduced fuel consumption, compared to twin-engine alternatives, will result in significant fuel cost savings for fleet managers and operators.”

Scarab, who combined with sister companies Mathieu and Ravo form the Fayat Environmental Solutions group, offer and continue to develop class-leading electrified and other alternative fuel solutions, from Compact and Mid-size, through to large capacity specialist application Truck Mount sweepers.