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The Local Authority Guide to Buying a New Sweeper this Financial Year


The Local Authority Guide to Buying a New Sweeper this Financial Year

April 1st marks an important date in the local authority calendar for more than one reason. As scheduled, this is when many Council budgets will reset for funding services across 2022/2023, but this year it also marks a key legislative shift that is set to impact spending more than ever before. April 2022 will see the implementation of legislation that will remove the duty on Red Diesel, and other rebated fuels, which means municipal vehicles – such as road sweepers – will have to pay the same fuel premiums as regular road users to complete their operations.


This seismic shift in legislation is set to change the status quo of the sweeping industry in the UK. Historically, municipal operators up and down the country have climbed into the cabs of their preferred twin-engine sweepers, relying on the subsidised rates provided on fuels such as Red Diesel to meet the demands of their operations efficiently. However, with this legislative change set to come into force in only a matter of days, many are left looking for a solution to continue to meet sweeping targets without feeling the pinch of increased fuel costs. In addition to this, with Council budgets now being refreshed for the next campaign, this is a prime opportunity to get out in front of this change and reduce the financial impact that this is set to have on businesses in the UK.

While the future of the industry certainly lies in electric and alternative fuel solutions, some Councils do not have the funding or infrastructure ready to make an investment in this technology at this stage. The solution, in the present, lies in transitioning away from more environmentally harmful – and soon to be more expensive to operate – twin-engine configurations. While they still depend on diesel to run, more environmentally focused solutions such as Scarab’s single-engine technology are the first step in the right direction in reducing engine emissions and making fuel savings too.


For over 30 years, Scarab has been promoting the environmental benefits of our single-engine technology and now, with many concerned by these changes, are primed to support local authorities as they transition away from twin-engine machines. Scarab first pioneered the single-engine road sweeper in the 1980s and has continued to deliver our expertise at the sharp end of the industry ever since. Our single-engine machines are lighter, provide a greater payload, produce reduced engine emissions and, crucially, consume less fuel than comparative twin-engine machines.

Scarab offers a full range of truck-mounted machines in its single-engine range which vary in hopper capacity from 5.5 to 8.2 cubic metres – meaning we can provide our customers with an array of machines to tackle a broad spectrum of applications. The Merlin 55 is a unique machine in its class and has been designed to provide an impressive payload for its size. As well as this, the machine is mounted onto a 7.5 tonne GVW chassis which means that operators who obtained a standard driver's license before 1997 can drive this machine without a HGV license under the “Grandfather Rights” law in the UK. So, with the recent HGV driver shortages that impacted many businesses in the UK, this machine provides fleet managers with the flexibility of utilising different drivers to meet the demands of their operations.

The Merlin 62 is also a favourable solution for many local authorities because of its sizable hopper capacity and variable brush configurations. This machine is ideal for operators that need the flexibility to sweep across a variety of environments, over long periods of time. Its 6.2 cubic metre hopper capacity is ample for operators completing long shifts and allows them to work for longer without having to return to base to tip. The Magnum 72 meanwhile is the perfect machine for any local authorities who are looking for a machine to tackle more heavy-duty operations. Available on a chassis in the 15 – 18 tonne GVW range, the Magnum 72 boasts exceptional hopper capacity and suction performance. What’s more, with Scarab’s optional high-speed fan solution, the performance of this machine can be taken to the next level to tackle even the most demanding of applications, including road planing.

In addition to this, Scarab, with sister companies Mathieu of France and Ravo of The Netherlands, form the Fayat Environmental Solutions division – and together, offer a range of sub-compact, compact and mid-size solutions to complement the Scarab range of truck-mounted machines. The MC110 champions exceptional manoeuvrability and is the premium machine in the sub-compact market. This quality provides a reliable and impressive performance to operators looking to effortlessly cleanse hard-to-reach areas. Likewise, the MC210 has also been designed to deliver unrivalled control, thanks to its intuitive 4-wheel steering and impressive suction performance. With its Standard, Eco and Boost modes, operators have the ability to tailor the performance of the machine to meet the ever-changing demands of municipal sweeping applications.

The 5 eSeries, available in both fully electric and diesel variants, is a completely unique machine in its class, offering a zero-emission sweeping solution in the mid-sized category. Brand new to the UK and available through Scarab Sweepers, this machine has been delivering exceptional suction performance in cities and towns across Europe and North America since its launch. With a shift in focus to find alternative solutions to power municipal vehicles, the 5 eSeries is a viable option for any local authorities that are looking to meet the demands of their operation, while also cutting their emissions. The electric sweeper, which boasts a 5 cubic metre hopper capacity, has an incredibly high compaction rate, a long service life and low operating costs – making it the ideal tool for long shifts in urban and suburban areas. Thanks to the hydropneumatic suspension system and automatic level control, the machine is also considerate of this and provides a comfortable ride to its operators.


Scarab’s After Sales support is widely considered to be the best within the sweeping industry – and we work hard to uphold this reputation. So, to maintain it, we understand that it is critically important that we continue to offer a range of services to support our customers once they have taken delivery of their new Scarab sweeper.

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Our Parts department is based out of a dedicated warehouse on the Scarab site. Here, we work hard to ensure we keep high levels of stock so our customers can access them whenever they might need them. We also offer a number of convenient and cost-saving parts solutions, such as discounted service kits and discounts for buying brushes by the pallet, to allow customers – including local authorities - to maximise their budgets throughout the year. We also provide Service plans, as well as Repair & Maintenance and Refurbishment plans to provide customers with the option to extend the lifecycle of their vehicles.

For more information on Scarab, and how we are supporting local authorities find the correct sweepers to meet the demands of their operations, please click the button below.