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Brand new names, same trusted performance. Introducing the RAVO R1 and R2


Brand new names, same trusted performance. Introducing the RAVO R1 and R2

Brand new names, same trusted performance – introducing the RAVO R1 and R2

The RAVO family of sweepers is growing – and they are exclusively available in the UK through Scarab Sweepers.

The RAVO R1 and RAVO R2 are the brand-new names for Scarab’s sub-compact and compact offerings in the UK, and customers can expect the same trusted performance they have experienced from the MC110 and MC210 sweepers to date. Both machines are proven sweeping solutions for urban environments, with flexible options to customize both sweepers to suit the demands of all operations.

The R1 and R2 join RAVO’s established range of maxi-compact sweepers, which feature the industry-leading RAVO R5 and R5e, to expand its product portfolio for global customers.


The RAVO R1 is the dedicated sub-compact sweeper designed to deliver unrivalled sweeping performance in the city. Formally known as the MC110, the R1 is built to work hard in urban environments thanks to its robust design and exceptional maneuverability.

As a dedicated sweeper, the RAVO R1 sticks to what it is good at: delivering unrivalled suction and sweeping performance. The cabin is spacious, and ergonomically laid out and provides the operator with a 360-degree view from the driving position.

The machine features an automatic brush and water stop/start system, as standard, to preserve water and reduce brush wear. As well as this, it also features a four-wheel drive system for exceptional climbing ability and oscillating suspension on each wheel to enhance comfort and performance.

With a range of options available, the RAVO R1 can be tailored to meet the demands of any urban sweeping application.


The RAVO R2 sets the standard in urban cleanliness. Formally known as the MC210, the compact R2 delivers best-in-class suction performance and flexible sweeping ability.

The R2’s unique suction line is designed with a straight 250mm suction pipe and a 13,000 m3/h turbine to optimize airflow and deliver unrivalled performance in the compact category.

A key benefit of the RAVO R2 is the patented push/pull sweeping system. This allows operators to clean the most difficult-to-reach areas thanks to a unique brush deployment and independently controlled brushes. The machine features a short overhang and 4-/2-wheel steering that helps the operator sweep in tight spaces. This system also makes the transition from sweeping to transit easy.

The R2 can also be equipped with a range of flexible front tools to tackle a vast range of applications. Options include a third brush to extend sweep coverage, a high-pressure spray bar for surface washing, a scrubbing deck for renovating road surfaces and several winter maintenance tools including a snow brush, snow plough and a salt spreader.

A Full Range of Solutions

Of course, the RAVO R1 and RAVO R2 are just two of the sweepers available to the UK market from Scarab Sweepers. As a leading manufacturer of truck-mounted sweepers, the range also features single and twin-engine solutions, spanning from 7.5 to 18-tonne GVW.

Scarab is the pioneer of the environmentally friendly single-engine truck-mounted sweeper and continues to lead the market in this field. The company offers a wide range of truck-mounted sweeping solutions - with a variety of body sizes, drive types and alternative fuel solutions - all boasting excellent build quality, superior performance, optimum payload, and complemented by minimal noise and exhaust pollution.

All of Scarab’s truck-mounted sweepers are Made in Britain at our facility in Kent, in an environment where tradition blends seamlessly with technology, to create a range of products that are trusted by customers across the world.

Take the Direct Route

All the sweepers in Scarab’s range are available for purchase through many methods, including Scarab Direct Hire. Scarab’s flexible hire solution allows customers to experience the next level of sweeping performance, with flexible finance options and full support from Scarab’s After Sales experts.

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