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The MC110 is functional, flexible and has been designed to deliver outstanding performance in urban spaces.

The sub-compact MC110 offers ultra-compact architecture and great manoeuvrability for collecting debris in the narrowest parts of public areas, including pavements, pedestrian areas, car parks, retail parks etc.

The flexibility of this machine is highlighted by the ability to fully integrate options and features to the hopper, such as a rear-mounted wanderhose, square LED lights and water filling/cleaning functions.

From every angle, the MC110 appears easy on the eye thanks to its balanced cab and waste hopper, which sit upon two large 14” wheels with black rims.



Nimble and compact, the MC110 can negotiate narrow streets with great agility. The machine is articulated and offers a tiny 1.875m turning radius - so, it can virtually turn on the spot.

The height - which is less than 2m - makes the MC110 the ideal sweeper for underground car parks. The two-brush pushed sweeping system, with wide side and front swing, gives it even greater agility for cleaning 90° corners and around urban amenities.



The MC110 leaves nothing to chance and delivers optimum performance across applications by offering:

  • 25 kph forward speed.
  • Dynamic brake system.
  • Payload of up to 500kg.
  • 700L stainless steel waste hopper.
  • Large diameter 14” wheels.
  • Oscillating suspension on each wheel.
  • An innovative water recycling system.
Intuitive Control System

Intuitive Control System

The MC110 offers on-board technology to make life simpler:

  • Real-time surveillance of active functions.
  • Log book to access useful operational data (hours worked, distances travelled, average consumption, etc.).
  • An integrated diagnostic help tool.
  • A function to extract operational data to update via USB stick.
  • A PDF-file reader.


The MC110 has three pre-defined working speeds that handle the different sweeping tasks which the operator encounters frequently: a Standard setting, an EcoMode and a BoostMode (limited to 10 minutes of use). 80% of common sweeping tasks are handled with EcoMode. Preferring to use this working mode provides the operator up to 50% in fuel savings, less noise pollution and preserves the lifetime of your sweeper.

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