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The Complete Contractor Solution - Scarab's Maven 65 on the Job Site


The Complete Contractor Solution - Scarab's Maven 65 on the Job Site

The Maven 65 on the Job Site

“The [Maven 65] is an amazing road sweeper. The water capacity is more than any other sweeper that I’ve used before which means I have to waste less time filling up with water – and can spend more time sweeping on the job. The high-pressure system makes it easy to get caked-up debris up off the road surface. The overhead boom makes for a powerful gully sucker, which ensures no waste is left behind. It’s not just a slogan, Scarab’s machines literally ‘Leave Nothing Behind’” - Peter Domotor, Sweeper Driver at Leedale

Scarab recently delivered two brand-new Maven 65 road sweepers into Leedale – a family-owned owned construction support services company based in the East Midlands. The team, who offer their sweeping services 24 hours a day - 7 days a week, put their road sweepers through their paces in applications which span from municipal sweeping operations to heavier duty tasks such as road planing and ‘Back-to-Black’ road revival. Their Maven 65s are deployed to sweep in a number of different environments, including construction sites, residential areas and car parks – with each machine being fitted with high-pressure water systems and overhead booms to provide gully sucking and jet washing services to clients.

Since adding these machines to their fleet, Dominika Sarosi (Senior Transport Planner at Leedale), has been delighted with the machine’s performance and efficiency. "The [Maven 65s] have proved to be a very valuable additions to our sweeper fleet. The ability of these machines has broadened our customer base as we are able to offer a more efficient service. These sweepers are a lot quieter and can carry the work out in a shorter period of time, allowing me to plan more efficient schedules. The feedback from our customers is continuously positive and my lucky drivers are able to enjoy their shifts thanks to all the added driver comfort mods and because of how easy the sweepers are to use!"

The Scarab team recently followed up with Leedale as they visited a local client, Persimmon Homes, to complete their daily sweep of the site to ensure it was clear of debris - see how the machines delivered on the job site by watching the video below…

The Maven 65 is one of the latest additions to Scarab’s fleet of innovative road sweeping solutions and has been expertly developed to meet the exact demands of contractor applications. In a market where on-task endurance and faultless performance are bare essentials, the Maven 65's flexibility to provide a range of water and high-performance options to help each customer get the very most out of their machines.

Its 6.5 cubic meter hopper, high-speed fan configuration and intelligent machine-wide water delivery system make it the optimum choice for contractors wanting to work their machines for long hours, in tough conditions. With dual sweep and a range of tilting and variable brush options, the Maven 65 offers users the flexibility to easily switch between settings to tackle the varied conditions of different sites/environments. Moreover, with its twin-engine configuration, sweep mode can be entered with just one touch of a button, while Scarab’s intuitive CANbus Control System provides sweeper operators with the platform to completely control sweeping operations from the cab.

In addition to this, the Maven 65’s high-speed fan solution offers more than just exceptional suction performance from the nozzle boxes located behind the machine’s brushes, in fact, it is also capable of delivering unrivalled suction capabilities from the machine overhead boom – affording contractors the ability to offer further services to clients, such as gully sucking. The high-pressure water system fitted to this machine can also be deployed from the hand lance, allowing operators to jet wash road surfaces and to clean their machines after tough days on the job.


To discover more information about our high-performance range of road sweeping solutions, and to find the right machine to suit your needs, please get in touch.