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C02 emissions, one lump or two & a load of hot air!
Wednesday, Jul 20, 2011 4:51 pm
C02 emissions, one lump or two & a load of hot air!
For a long time now there has been an ongoing debate regarding the benefits of operating a truck mounted sweeper with two engines or just one. In the early years this concentrated on performance and reliability, whilst latterly the argument moved towards payload issues, particularly at lower chassis gross vehicle weights. However, current focus appears to have shifted onto fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, mainly because the previous objections to the single engined concept have been disproved.

Always a Company keen on using European standards where they exist, back in late 2009 we at Scarab carried out a series of fuel tests based upon CEN/TC 337/WG 4, Working Draft for future prEN 15429-2 “Sweepers - Part 2: Performance requirements and test methods”. Now, whilst this is still only a draft procedure and not due to be adopted until sometime next year, it is at least a legitimate attempt at avoiding the “we made up our own test and got these results” accusation and is available for all to use; in short it is credible!

Based upon this test, we found that our own single engined sweeper was some 22% more fuel efficient than ourdual-engined variant. Bearing in mind that we firmly believe that our two engined sweeper, due to its more modern design is some 10% more fuel efficient than comparative designs from other manufacturers, we reckon any CO2 reduction is likely to favour one engine, not two.

Borrowing briefly from recent rhetoric, based on operating 2000 hours per annum a Scarab single engined sweeper will produce in the region of 16 tonnes less CO2 than someone else’s twin engined sweeper and use over 6000 litres of fuel less; now that is genuinely astonishing!

Of course, we shouldn’t just concentrate on CO2 as it can also be expected that significant reductions would be made in relation to the other greenhouse gasses’ that contribute to global warming, such as methane and nitrous oxide, as well as diesel particulate emissions. So, for any local authority looking to improve their NI185 ratings, reduce costs and operate quiet sweepers offering the highest ratio of payload to water carrying and hopper capacity available, the choice is simple – one lump please and not so much of the hot air thank you.

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