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A Vast Range of Sweeping Applications | Maven 65 'On the Job Site'


A Vast Range of Sweeping Applications | Maven 65 'On the Job Site'

In operation since 2014, Sonny’s Sweeping has established itself as one of the leading sweeping services providers across the south of England. Their fleet, which consists of 5 Scarab sweepers, is capable of delivering a high level of service thanks to the robust and powerful nature of their road-sweeping vehicles and the expert knowledge of their operators.

A Range of Services to Meet Customer Needs

Sonny’s fleet, which features three high-speed Maven 65 sweepers, has been built with a number of high-performance options to offer a complete range of services to their customers. From routine sweeping operations, all the way to heavy-duty specialist applications – such as ‘Back-to-Black’ sweeping – there is no task too challenging for Sonny’s Sweeping and their fleet of Maven 65s.

Among their services, the team use their sweepers to facilitate:

  • Operated Sweeper Hire | The Maven 65 is fitted with a 1950 litre water tank and dual sweep configuration to deliver outstanding performance across all municipal, urban and heavy-duty contracting work.
  • Gully Sucking | Scarab’s high-speed fan configuration allows for exceptional suction performance which, when combined with an optional overhead boom, can be used to tackle alternative cleansing challenges.
  • Jet Washing | 2000psi of pressure, combined with 1950 litres of water, offers the perfect combination for tackling challenging jet washing tasks using the Maven 65’s onboard hand lance.
  • ‘Back-to-Black’ Road Cleansing | The performance of the Maven 65 means they can support a range of road maintenance functions, including high-pressure surface cleansing.
  • Highway Maintenance | Sonny’s Sweeping offer 24hr callout services to help keep local roads open and safe for residents. The Maven 65’s large hopper affords extreme on-task endurance for when the team needs to tackle a wide range of sweeping tasks.

We caught up with the team at Sonny’s Sweeping recently to catch one of their machines in action ‘On the Job Site’…

A Complete Contractor Solution - On the Job Site

The Maven 65 has been expertly developed to meet the exact demands of contractor applications. In a market where on-task endurance and faultless performance are bare essentials, the Maven 65's flexibility provides a range of high-performance options to help customers get the most out of their machines.

Its 6.5 cubic meter hopper, high-speed fan configuration and intelligent machine-wide water delivery system make it the optimum choice for contractors wanting to work their machines for long hours, in tough conditions. With dual sweep and a range of tilting and variable brush options, the Maven 65 offers users the flexibility to easily switch between settings to tackle the varied conditions of different sites/environments. Moreover, with its twin-engine configuration, sweep mode can be entered with just one touch of a button, while Scarab’s intuitive CANbus Control System provides sweeper operators with the platform to completely control sweeping operations from the cab.

In addition to this, the Maven 65’s high-speed fan solution offers more than just exceptional suction performance from the nozzle boxes located behind the machine’s brushes, in fact, it is also capable of delivering unrivalled suction capabilities from the machine overhead boom – affording contractors the ability to offer further services to clients, such as gully sucking. The high-pressure water system fitted to this machine can also be deployed from the hand lance, allowing operators to jet wash road surfaces and to clean their machines after tough days on the job.

To organise a demonstration of this vehicle to see what it can do for yourself, please reach out to a member of the team.