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Scarab Sweep Back to School
Thursday, Jun 23, 2011 4:36 pm
Scarab Sweep Back to School

Monday 6th June saw two members of the Scarab Sales Team brushing up on their school days as they went back to school, but they took a sweeper with them!

Scarab Sweepers received an email from Class 3 at Crudgington Primary School in Telford, Shropshire, asking for help with their Moving and Transport Project that was being investigated by all classes of the school. As class 3 had moved through their investigation, they had reached the point where they were investigating the purposes of different types of transport. So, they asked if Scarab would be able to assist with their focus on the environment and the use of transport.

After accepting the school’s invitation, at just after midday, Scarab’s current Mistral demonstrator, mounted on an Iveco Eurocargo 15t GVW chassis, pulled through the school gates ready to show the children what it can do and how it does it. Rather than do a presentation to the entire school at once, each of the classes would have a twenty minute window for a short presentation, question and answer session and finished off with a brief demonstration of the Mistral in action, working within the confines of the school car park.

The children asked questions along the lines of how heavy is the machine, how much does it cost and how much can it carry, but there were one or two more testing questions such as what is its Euro Emission rating and how many horsepower do the engines develop. They were also asked questions by the Scarab Team, such as why did they think the steering wheel was on the left and what was the busiest time of the year for a Sweeper. One lucky pupil, five year old James Harwood, who had only started at the school that day, managed to have his photograph taken in the driver’s seat that went into the local newspaper!

Class 3 teacher, Kirsty Anderson who organised the visit said, ”As well as our Transport project, we also used this visit as an opportunity to look at the science of how the machine works with hydraulics and electronics along with the environmental impact street cleansing has.” She went on to say, “The Children were in awe of the Scarab Mistral and they asked some really interesting questions. Most of them now want to be RoadSweeper drivers. A very big thank you to Scarab Sweepers for helping us with our project and for leaving our car park nice and clean!”

Pictured below are the pupils of class 3, the Scarab Sales Team and the Scarab Mistral.
The Kids from Crudgington Primary School

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