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Two more Scarab Merlins for Liverpool
Wednesday, Mar 7, 2012 4:21 pm
Two more Scarab Merlins for Liverpool
The Merlin XPs, shown below in their Enterprise Liverpool livery, are supplied and maintained by GPL. GPL have an onsite, modern workshop facilities with very experienced staff, covering the fleet made up of 17 Scarab Merlin Hydrostatics frontline machines and 2 spares, 6 Scarab Minors front line machines with a further 2 spares, that is operated by Enterprise Liverpool. They operate with a large parts stock and the latest diagnostic equipment for all eventualities and also have two mobile service units. Andy Lovatt, General Manager of GPL Northern Contracts said “we’re very pleased that the Tri Party working relationship between GPL, Enterprise Liverpool and Scarab Sweepers has continued with the delivery of these new Sweepers. We know the product well and experience good support from Scarab Sweepers that also includes regular review meetings with all parties.”

Being a large city, Enterprise Liverpool’s well tried and tested operation is a double shift system with 2 Operatives in the crews that keep the 2008 European Capital of Culture spick and span. Having operated both the Scarab Merlin Hydrostatic, in all of its incarnations as well as the Scarab Minor, when asked why Enterprise Liverpool chose Scarab again, Tim Oldfield, Asset Manager of Enterprise Liverpool said “the Scarab Merlin has earned a long, proven track record here in Liverpool over the years and we’re very happy with the product.”

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