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Paris to be cleaned on Gas
Wednesday, Apr 14, 2010 4:54 pm
Paris to be cleaned on Gas
Scarab Sweepers were very pleased to recently receive an order for 7 truck-mounted sweepers to be powered by CNG (Compresses Natural Gas) engines these units destined for Paris have now left the factory.

The Scarab Merlin is already the number one selling hydrostatic truck-mounted sweeper in France and the Scarab Hydrostatic drive system is the perfect solution for a Compressed Natural Gas powered chassis as the single engine sweeper concept pioneered by Scarab produces no additional exhaust emissions above that of the chassis.  The CNG Scarab Merlin has been mounted onto a Renault chassis that was modified for the sweeper application.

Scarab Sweepers have pioneered the use of hydrostatic technology since the early1980s and lead the world in this field. Further to this Scarab have recently improved their CANbus control system for an even greater driver experience with an easy to use control panel for sweeper functions with full colour screen for sweeping information and a full diagnostic and data capture capability.

The 7 unit CNG deal was secured by Dominique Declercq Distribution (3D for short), Scarab’s long standing French distributor based in Arras.

The success of 3D with Municipalities and Contractors has seen over 1300 Scarab units exported to customers all over France.

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