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High power, reliable performance, and easily mounted on nearly any 15-18 chassis - a trusted solution in even the most remote locations worldwide.

The M6 incorporates all the essential features of a Scarab heavy-duty road sweeper and has been purposely developed to be packaged and shipped as safely and economically as possible to destinations around the world, where it can be easily be mounted on the local 15-18 tonne GVW truck chassis of your choice.

The rugged construction, easy maintenance schedule and a carefully selected range of options ensure the M6 delivers outstanding performance in municipal and heavy-duty contractor applications.

Twin Drive Configuration

Twin Drive Configuration

The M6 has been designed for operators who prefer a twin-engine configuration but who also wish to benefit from the very best in road sweeper technology.

All the qualities that make Scarab the street sweeper of choice for so many operators are incorporated in the M6.

The simple fluid power system and Scarab’s industry-leading CANbus control to reduce ownership costs and maximise reliability.

Whatever the application, wherever the location

Whatever the application, wherever the location

Thanks to our comprehensive network of trusted Dealers worldwide, the M6 can be distributed as an export skid unit to even the most remote locations.

Our skid units are carefully packaged to contain all of the components required before being delivered directly to you local distributor, here the sweeper is mounted to the chassis of your choice.

Drive Configuration

Suction Performance

Sweeping Configuration


CANbus Control System

After Sales Support

Quiet, efficient power in a self-contained unit.


The quiet, low-emission Cummins QSB 3.3 ROW engine was selected for its ability to provide ample power at low RPM. Its position, between hopper and cab, affords ease of access for servicing. All engine filters and main service points can be reached from the large working platform or by additionally removing the forward easy-access panel.


The Scarab fluid drive system is directly coupled to the auxiliary engine. By eliminating drive belts, gearboxes and flywheel couplings, it ensures quiet, efficient sweeping and suction performance and a high degree of reliability. All the hydraulic control components are housed in a secure locker.

Powerful & Reliable Suction Performance

A stainless steel 800mm roof mounted impeller positioned to produce an efficient airflow path for high suction performance and reduced power consumption. Particulate screening via a hinged, stainless steel mesh filter is pleated to give maximum surface area and reduce blocking - it also swings down for ease of cleaning. Furthermore, the fan chamber is also easily accessed for cleaning.

Extensive Sweeping Configuration

M6 Sweeping

The M6 is available in both single and optional dual sweep configuration. When the suction nozzle, side brush and widesweep functions are in operation the M6 can sweep at a 2505mm width. However, the brushes can reach an impressive 3200mm span when simultaneously dual sweeping.

With variable brush speeeds, optional down pressure and swivelling widesweep, the M6 is proficient in any sweeping application.

Strong, Robust Hopper

The hopper is completely manufactured from strong, corrosion and abrasion-resistant 4003 Stainless Steel, which is shot blasted before a two-pack epoxy primer is applied followed by a hard-wearing topcoat.

The hopper is fitted with lockers on both sides for additional storage. Particulate screening via a hinged stainless-steel mesh filter – swings down for ease of cleaning and access to the stainless-steel inlet cone

Total, Intuitive Control

CANbus Control

The CANbus control system has revolutionised the way Scarab sweepers are operated and maintained. Intuitive controls and a colour monitor provide comprehensive feedback to both the driver and service team.

The clear display indicates the sweeping configuration, vehicle condition and highlights both warnings and service reminders. Our real-time monitoring and data-logging provide valuable assistance in troubleshooting technical problems and helps keep your machine running at its most efficient.

Market Leading After Sales Support

As well as supplying market-leading sweeping solutions around the world, Scarab is proud to offer comprehensive After Sales support to clients.

We offer a range of tailored Service and Maintenance contracts to our clients to ensure that their Scarab machines are able to keep working at optimum performance, for longer.

What's more, thanks to our dedicated parts warehouse, Scarab ensures genuine parts are always in stock and can ship its trusted components to clients around the world.

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M6 Options

The M6 comes with a variety of options to help any operator meet the demands of their operation.



Suction System


Additional options and operator-specific requirements are available by request.
Please note, some options are chassis dependant.

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