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The RAVO R5 is the leading maxi-compact sweeper in the world.

With over 12,000 units sold to date, the RAVO R5 is known throughout the industry for its durable construction quality, long service life, and ease of operation.

  • Industry-best compaction rate. Make the most of the R5s impressive payload with exceptional compaction and large hopper capacity.
  • Automatic ride height/self-leveling system. Maintain constant self-leveled brush pressure for the best sweeping results and reduced brush wear.
  • Robust, maintenance-friendly brush system. The trusted RAVO brush system design is maintenance friendly and has no greasing points.
  • 72 km/h transit speed. You can travel between job sites easily thanks to the RAVO R5s fast transit speed.
  • Best-in-class turning circle. Sweep the tightest corners and dead end streets thanks to the R5s exceptional maneuverability.
An ideal working environment

An ideal working environment

The R5 spacious cabin has been designed with the input of experienced RAVO operators. For this reason, the RAVO R5 has a large, comfortable and, above all, quiet cabin. It also benefits having a floor height of only 85cm which allows for easy access and a lot of interior space.

The dashboard has a logical layout and, like the armrests and steering wheel, is adjustable to ensure that the operators can always do their work comfortably. The gently tilted panoramic windscreen provides an excellent view. All these features make the RAVO R5 cabin the ideal workplace for any operator.

Easy to Maintain

Easy to Maintain

Proper maintenance of your RAVO R5 increases its reliability which, in turn, results in longer service life and lower costs. For ease of maintenance, the R5 benefits from the following features:

  • A unique and maintenance-friendly RAVO brush system.
  • A simple and effective fan cleaning system.
  • Large service hatches for easy access to the hopper.
  • Centrally combined greasing points.
  • Easy to change brushes.

RAVO R5 Options

The RAVO R5 can be supplied with a range of high-specification options to take its performance to the next level:

Third Brush


Container Dump

360° Camera

Water Options

Suction Options

Brush Options

Control Options

Endurance Options

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