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Magnum U72

Environmentally-Conscious Pure Vacuum Sweeping Technology

The Magnum 72 has been designed for mounting on a truck chassis in the range of 33,000 - 40,000 lbs GVW and is capable of delivering powerful cleansing results in municipal, construction and road maintenance settings.

Our unidrive solution utilizes a chassis Power Take-Off (PTO) provision to power sweeping functions. The Magnum U72 boasts a 10 cubic yard hopper giving a potential payload capacity of up to 19,850 lbs and water capacity ranging from 475 - 660 gallons, making this machine the optimum road sweeper for any operator looking for the best sweeping results and the biggest hopper capacity.

Scarab's unidrive Magnum U72 is available on chassis' of a specific configuration - please contact your local dealer for further information on suitability.

Assembled in the United States

Assembled in the United States

Scarab's truck-mounted sweepers are assembled locally for the North American market. Scarab manufactures its machines in its dedicated facilities in the United Kingdom and distributes its solutions, in the form of skid units, to customers situated around the world.

Trusted Truck-Mounted Technology

Trusted Truck-Mounted Technology

Scarab has been manufacturing cutting-edge road-sweeping solutions for over 40 years. By combining this expertise, with the local knowledge of our dedicated North American based business development team, Scarab can offer complete solutions to each and every customer.

Environmentally Conscious Solutions

Scarab is the pioneer of the truck-mounted road sweeper powered by a single engine - and our customer's around the world reap the environmental, financial and operational benefits of operating machines with this system. The unique PTO drive system fitted to the Magnum U72 harnesses the power from the truck engine to power the sweep components and, in turn, offer reduced fuel consumption and engine emissions to compared to a relevant twin-engine alternative*.

41% Reduction in Fuel Consumption*

Magnum U72 Options





Additional options and operator-specific requirements are available by request.
Please note, some options are chassis dependant.


For more information on the Magnum U72, download the machine brochure by clicking the link below.

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