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Trade and Cooperation Agreement Statement: January 2021

Trade and Cooperation Agreement Statement: January 2021

Following the ongoing discussions between the UK and the EU, we are pleased to greet the new year with a new Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) in place.

Our preparation for January 2021 stands us in great stead to respond to the new ways of working.

We have put a number of new processes in place, which we will monitor and update over the coming months. These include new arrangements for movements of goods between the UK and EU; the engagement of a customs broker for specified goods movements; duty deferment provisions; improvements to our import and export processes; registering with the Trader Support Service.

Some changes to documentation will also take effect soon.

We continue to seek expert guidance as needed to best support our customers.

The TCA not only sets out our trading terms with the EU but will also help us focus on areas where we can develop new ways of working to support ourselves and our partners - not just in the EU but across the globe.

We will continue to update our processes and documentation to reflect the TCA, and will work with our partners to ensure that we are providing customers with all the information needed.

Scarab Sweepers Ltd remains focussed on providing an exceptional level of service for all our customers, and will work with all our partner organisations to achieve this aim through this period of change and beyond.