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Position on Racism

Position on Racism

In the wake of recent global events it is appropriate that we remind our valued employees and business partners of our position on racism. Operating on a global platform, we acknowledge the existence of individual and systemic racism in its many forms, andsupport the current and ongoing efforts being made to address these. As a company, Scarab sets standards for itself to ensure that, quite simply, race, religion or colour plays no role in our business decisions or relationships and the same standards are expected from our employees in their dealings with each other. We also acknowledge that in an evolving world we need to continually review these standards and endeavour to exceed them, and support our workforce in meeting this objective.

At Scarab Sweepers we embrace and draw strength from the diversity of our different cultures, backgrounds and beliefs and unite in our values of respect, communication, teamwork, recognition and quality; striving to build a Company that is inclusive of everyone. And in so doing, we strengthen our aim for Scarab to be a place where creativity flourishes and innovation flows to create a cleaner, healthier environment for everyone.

Gary Watson

Managing Director
For and on behalf of Scarab Sweepers Limted