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Brexit Transition Statement: December 2020

Brexit Transition Statement: December 2020

Scarab Sweepers Ltd works with business partners both within and outside of the EU, and we remain attentive to the outcome of political negotiations with regard to the UK exit from the EU.

Whilst these negotiations continue, we are working on the assumption there will be no trade deal in place for January 2021.

This means that our import and export processes will change; we have been in contact with suppliers and customers about some of these changes. Our documentation will be updated and we are aware duty costs will be incurred where this was not previously the case. We are reviewing trade data to give the clearest information possible for all commercial invoices.

It is important to note that the outcome of these tasks may have an impact on customers outside the EU.

However, we continue to identify, manage and mitigate the business impacts anticipated, minimising potential negative impacts on our machine, service and product provision wherever possible. This includes additional orders placed on parts from the EU; working with UK partners to ensure raw materials will be available; working with suppliers to ensure accurate information is available when goods cross the border to minimise the risk of delays.

We remain focussed on providing an exceptional level of service regardless of the nature of the trade agreement, and we are reviewing and updating our internal processes to support this objective.

Monitoring of the political discussions continues, and we are seeking expert advice and guidance from third parties as required.

For the information of EU customers and suppliers, our EORI number is GB374500268000. For those customers and suppliers based in Northern Ireland, the relevant number is XI374500268000.