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Fayat Launch the Clément Fayat Foundation


Fayat Launch the Clément Fayat Foundation

Clément Fayat and his two sons, Jean-Claude and Laurent, have decided to launch a foundation in the name of the Fayat Group’s founder. Its purpose is threefold: to fight against neurodegenerative diseases and contribute to medical research; to train people, especially those who are most in need, wishing to work in the building and civil works sector, and assist people seeking professional retraining in another sector; and to rehabilitate and renovate historic monuments.

The Clément Fayat foundation contributes to providing for the long-term future of the Group while safeguarding its independence.

The aim of the Clément Fayat Foundation is not to manage the operations of the Fayat Group. Its innovative legal status will guarantee the Group’s independence without affecting the operational activities and values which have driven its leaders for more than 60 years.

Through its shareholder status, the Clément Fayat Foundation will hold a portion of the Group’s capital irreversibly and progressively. Its revenue will come from the Group’s operational activities, providing the financial independence which is crucial for the execution of its missions. Each employee will thus contribute to the success of its projects: an approach that is true to the Group’s humanist values and can be enriching for each of us in our daily work.

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