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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the M25H tyre pressures?

What do the symbols+ (plus) and - (minus) mean on the CANbus panel?

Technical Training, how do I find out more?

What are the vehicle service schedules?

What should be done for winter maintenance on my vehicle?

What hydraulic oil should I use?

What gear oil should I use for the Scarab Hydrostatic gearbox?

Which engine oil should I use?

What type of grease should I use for the brush gear?

What is the best angle to set my brushes at?

What gap should the flaps on the suction nozzle box be set at?

How do I reset the oil dilution counter on the Scarab Minor and Azura with Euro 5 engine?

What is the best method to grease the front king pins on the Minor?

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