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EX-DEMO: Magnum 72

EX-DEMO: Magnum 72

Ex-Demonstration Magnum 72 Sweeper (mounted on a Mercedes Atego 1323 Chassis)

This sweeper is built on an Atego 1323 LKO chassis, which has a raised ride height to allow ample room for implements to be mounted. It is rated at 13.5 tonnes GVW, and powered by a 170 kW (231 hp) 5.1-litre, four-cylinder engine. This drives through a nine-speed manual gearbox and has its steering wheel on the left side of the ClassicSpace cab, for optimum control and visibility when sweeping along the kerbside.

Scarab’s Magnum 72 body, meanwhile, features a 7.2m3 stainless steel hopper with large access doors and automatic ratchet hopper prop, and a 900mm stainless steel high-speed fan with boost facility, inlet cone and screen. Sweeping duties are catered for by 650mm side brushes with variable speed control, a 400mm wide-sweep brush and 740mm wide suction nozzle with auto-blanking. Dust suppression jets are fitted across the vehicle and the 1,800-litre GRP water tank has a large lid to allow for easy cleaning.

The sweeping equipment is all managed by Scarab’s CANbus control system – a panel mounted inside the cab communicates all operational information, data logging and diagnosis.