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Minor 25

Our mini truck-mount - compact in size, big on performance

The Minor 25 is one of the most versatile and unique road sweepers in the world. Our mini truck-mounted machine boasts several unique features including a distinctive brush configuration, powerful suction performance and a large hopper and water capacity.

Our Minor 25 might be compact in size, but it is big on performance. With the efficient Stage V turbocharged Deutz power unit, single-pedal control, compact dimensions and a unique sweep pattern, the single-engine Minor 25 represents class-leading performance and versatility - no matter how you choose to measure it.

The custom-built chassis provides both a smooth ride and a tight turning circle meaning the Minor 25 can be tasked with not only sweeping in congested city centres but also travelling and sweeping in remote locations. For this reason, this machine is ideal for many applications from urban or suburban heavy-duty street cleansing to food and packaging warehouses, parklands and airport perimeters.

Compact in size, big on performance

Compact in size, big on performance

The Minor 25 is Scarab’s mini-truck mounted road sweeping solution. This machine boasts the manoeuvrability benefits of being a smaller machine with the power sweeping advantages from Scarab’s industry-leading single-engine system.

All-round Comfort

All-round Comfort

The Minor 25 cab has been designed with the driver in mind, with all sweeper functions including cruise control in easy reach, along with comfy fully adjustable heated seats, heated mirrors a well laid out large cab area with plenty of storage.

Drive Configuration

Suction Performance

Sweeping Capabilities


CANbus Control System

After Sales Support

The Driving Force

The low-emission Stage V turbo charged Deutz power unit provides punchy power at low RPM. The engine is set low in the chassis, assisting vehicle both stability and manoeuvrability. Quick access to engine filters and service points is made easy due to the simple to operate tilting cab.

Powerful & Reliable Suction Performance

A stainless steel 800mm roof mounted impellor positioned to produce an efficient airflow path for high suction performance and reduced power consumption. Particulate screening via a hinged, stainless steel mesh filter, pleated to give maximum surface area and reduce blocking. The fan chamber is easily accessed for cleaning.

Exceptional Sweeping Capabilities

M25 Sweeping

The Minor 25 has a trailed, robust, steel suction nozzle for durability, complete with trailed side brush, widesweep brush and optional front brush assemblies all fitted with water nozzles for dust suppression. The Minor 25 can also be configured with a number of options to enhance sweeping performance. The rear wander hose option allows cleaning of awkward areas and gulleys. The addition of our optional dual sweep and double front brush configuration can provide a five-brush sweeping pattern giving the Minor 25 a swept width of up to 2.17 metres - this unrivalled performance makes for a full-size sweeper in a small package.

Strong, Reliable Hopper

The hopper is completely manufactured from strong, corrosion and abrasion-resistant 4003 Stainless Steel, which is shot blasted before a two-pack epoxy primer is applied followed by a hard-wearing topcoat.

Particulate screening via a hinged stainless-steel mesh filter – swings down for ease of cleaning and access to the stainless-steel inlet cone.

Total, Intuitive Control

The CANbus control system has revolutionised the way Scarab sweepers are operated and maintained. Intuitive controls and a colour monitor provide comprehensive feedback to both the driver and the service team.

The clear display indicates the sweeping configuration, vehicle condition and highlights both warnings and service reminders. Our real-time monitoring and data-logging provide valuable assistance in troubleshooting technical problems and helps keep your machine running at its most efficient.

Market Leading After Sales Support

As well as supplying market-leading sweeping solutions around the world, Scarab is proud to offer comprehensive After Sales support to clients.

We offer a range of tailored Service and Maintenance contracts to our clients to ensure that their Scarab machines are able to keep working at optimum performance, for longer.

What's more, thanks to our dedicated parts warehouse, Scarab ensures genuine parts are always in stock and can ship its trusted components to clients around the world.

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We are proud to offer an industry-leading Direct Contract Hire solution tailored to meet our UK customer's needs. To find out more about how you can experience the benefits associated with Scarab equipment at fixed monthly costs, click the button below.

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