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5 eSeries (100% Electric)

100% electric performance, exceptional manoeuvrability & expert electrification - the Ravo 5 eSeries is the ultimate compact solution for municipal sweeping applications.

Developed by Ravo, Scarab’s sister company and member of the Fayat Environmental Solutions division, the 5 eSeries is the culmination of years of extensive research and development, producing a machine that sets the standard in electric mid-sized sweeping.

With a shift in focus to find alternative solutions to power municipal vehicles, the 5 eSeries is a viable option for any local authorities that are looking to meet the demands of their operation, while also cutting their emissions. The sweeper, which boasts a 5 cubic metre hopper capacity, has an incredibly high compaction rate, a long service life and low operating costs – making it the ideal tool for long shifts in urban and suburban areas. Thanks to the hydropneumatic suspension system and automatic level control, the machine is also considerate of this and provides a comfortable ride to its operators.

A Reliable Power Source

A Reliable Power Source

The RAVO 5 eSeries comes equipped with a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. This battery type has a number of major advantages, such as:

  • Safety | The battery is fitted with the highest quality battery cells and the safest technology available today.
  • Constant Power | While the sweeper is in operation, the voltage remains constant. As a result, the battery is almost always capable of delivering the desired power.
  • Long Service Life | The high-quality battery retains a high capacity for a very long time, even after many cycles.
Flexible Charging Capabilities

Flexible Charging Capabilities

The RAVO 5 eSeries gives you three charging options. Type 2 (IEC 62196-2) plugs are standard, and these charge the battery via an internal charger at a maximum rate of 22 kW/h. With this charging method, a full charge takes less than 4.5 hours, after which the machine is fully ready for use again. An advantage of this system is that the machine can also be charged for a shorter period of time without any negative impact on battery life.

Want to have a fully charged battery again in no time? Then you can choose to use the quick charge option. With a CCS Combo 2 (IEC 62196-3) connection, the battery is charged at 50 kW/h via an external charger - fully recharging the battery in your machine in about 2 hours.

Unrivalled Benefits

There are a plethora of benefits associated with electric vehicles, especially for municipal applications. Local authorities, who have a commitment to serving their communities, benefit greatly from making the switch to electric vehicles – such as sweepers – as they are able to deliver essential services while also reducing their environmental impact.

As well as helping meet cleansing targets with its outstanding performance profile, the Ravo 5 eSeries also offers a wide range of operational advantages, including:

Regenerative Braking

Quiet Driving Experience

Driving Comfort

Clean Air

Low Maintenance Costs

Regenerative Braking

A big advantage of the RAVO 5 eSeries is that it recovers energy on its own. When the accelerator pedal is released, the machine automatically brakes slowly and the electric motor functions as an alternator. This generates power that is used to charge the battery. This regenerative braking increases the efficiency of the machine and results in lower running costs.

Quiet Driving Experience

One of the key benefits of the Ravo 5 eSeries is the reduction in noise pollution. The Ravo 5 eSeries emits just 93dB of noise, meaning that it can maintain the cleanliness of heavily built-up areas without disturbing residents during the day or night. Furthermore, this also results in a low noise level in the cab for the operator which makes for a more pleasant driving experience.

Driving Comfort

The RAVO 5 eSeries has a very powerful electric motor - with exceptionally high torque - which makes the machine fast, smooth and steady to drive. All this, in combination with its exceptionally quiet cab, makes for a pleasant operational experience.

Clean Air

As the Ravo 5 eSeries does not operate with a diesel or petrol engine, it does not burn any fossil fuels – meaning there are zero-emissions produced when the machine operates. This is an unrivalled benefit in city centres and built-up areas, meaning that the 5 eSeries’ contribution to the environment is just cleaner streets.

Low Maintenance Costs

There are minimal moving parts in the 5 eSeries, meaning there is relatively little maintenance required. This also keeps the hourly operational running costs low.


Ravo 5 eSeries Options

As with any of the cutting-edge products offered by Fayat Environmental Solutions, the Ravo 5 eSeries can be supplied with a range of high specification options to take its performance to the next level:

Third Brush


Container Dump

360° Camera

Water Options

Brush Options

Suction Options

Control Options

Endurance Options

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