Scarab Family Fun Day, 23rd June a great success.
By Andre Ray
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Scarab Fun Day
Scarab Fun Day
On the 23rd June 2018 Scarab Sweepers held its 2nd Family Fun Day.
This is a chance for the families of employees to come to Scarab Headquarters in Marden, Kent and meet up, socialise, have some food and a drink or two, listen to some music and have some fun.
This year we had a couple of inflatables; a bungey run and a Last Man Standing. Both of these where for all the family except for tots and babies. Enjoyed also by our CFO Nikki James and Branch Director Dave Cassingham. Karel Goedkoop the CEO of FAYAT Enviromental Solutions was seen wandering and chatting various people during the day.
There was a Soft Zone for the smaller people who came to see us.
Face painting for the young ones but seemed to attract a lot of adults as well.
A colouring competition for the children where they had to colour in pictures of road sweepers.
Free fish and chips from a mobile fish and chips shop as well as a bar kept people nourished and refreshed.
Music was provided by our resident DJ Andy Holdstock and a duet called Freeloader, who played a mix of music from Ska to Rock & Roll to Dance.
We had a free roam factory tour incorporating a kids competion to find all the items on the tour.
Scarab M25H Sweeper rides seemed to be enjoyed by people who took up the offer.
A tug of war competition was held between various factions from around the Company, which was eventually won 2-1 by the Tuggernauts (Fabrication) against Service. A brave effort by the Keyboard Warriors was too no avail as they got knocked out in the first round.
Scarab Sweepers would like to thank everyone who turned up for the Fun Day and a special thanks to all the people who help organise the event and help out on the day.

Here are some more pictures from the Scarab Family Fun Day
Dave and Richard doing some dodgy dad dancing?

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