Mission Statement & Quality Policy


Scarab Sweepers Ltd have established a high industry standard for our products and services, primarily to achieve a level of performance , that will protect and enhance our reputation within the market sector we serve and enable us to satisfy the ever more stringent demands and requirements of our customers, together with any applicable specification, national or international standard whilst supporting the financial needs of our business.


To ensure that those requirements are met, it is the polocy of Scarab Sweepers Ltd, to emphasise quality awareness and assurance in all aspects of company activities.


We Aim to Achieve the following quantifiable goals:


A Profitable, sustainable and growing business, through the identification and satisfaction of our customers needs.

Continuous performance/improvement in both customer satisfaction and in house.

Establishing an environment in which the commitment of all individuals to achieve the desired excellence is not only expected, but also encouraged and recognised.

Close liasons with all key suppliers and sub contractors to ensure that only products and services, which fully conform to requirements are available to our customers and encouragement of those sources to join with us in a commitment to a zero defect environment, both in terms of product and service quality.

Close liaisons with all our agents and customers to ensure the growth of customer satisfaction and the gaining of new markets for our expertise.


To support this policy a fully documented system to control the services and operations is integral within the company structure. The system also addresses the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2008 and provides assurance to our employees, agents and customers that all activities conform to our specified standards and that products and services supplied conform to the requirements of the contract and any regulatory requirements.


We recognise that all employees have an input to and responsiblity for the quality and performance of our products. Therefor selection, training and employee development, hold a position of high importance within the company for all aspects of our activities.


The documented quality policy, system, its procedures and standing instructions are subject to Management Review for their effectiveness and improved as required. Other working practices that strengthen the quality assurance programme and our customers perception of Scarab Sweepers Ltd shall also be reviews and be subject to improvement as required.



John Affleck

Managing Director





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