Scarab Parts department have Successfully relocated.
Tuesday - Sep 28, 2010 4:25 pm
The Parts Department have successfully relocated within the factory complex to a purpose built unit with a closed store dedicated to after sales parts. The changes have been made to meet our customers' increasing needs.

With a current stockholding in excess of two and a half million pounds, we are able to maintain our ninety eight percent stock availability which helps to keep our customers machines on the road.

With this physical change, we have also changed the way we monitor and control our stock. One of these Management initiatives is a monthly 'price check’, to ensure that we remain competitive.

In addition, have a fast track back up system allowing us to draw from all areas of Manufacture and Production, however the new store has been planned around our customer's usage and requirements and carefully set out for future expansion. The new bin system has been set out to make the job of picking parts much more efficient. A new Excel based order processing system produces picking lists for customers’ orders that are automatically ordered by the most efficient route around the stock locations to keep picking times to a minimum.

The new facilities include a purpose built office area with dedicated call centre style work stations, increased stores area and an improved pack and despatch area that separates parts orders into dedicated dispatch systems, and a customer collection point. In addition to the massive 90% increase in floor space of the Parts Department we have also constructed a dedicated building for Brush Storage which enables us to stock a wide range and quantity of Brushes for both Scarab and Mathieu models.

Scarab Sweepers in Scotland Announcement
Tuesday - May 11, 2010 9:22 am

Scarab Sweepers in Scotland Announcement

Paris to be cleaned on Gas
Wednesday - Apr 14, 2010 4:54 pm
Paris to be cleaned on Gas
Scarab Sweepers were very pleased to recently receive an order for 7 truck-mounted sweepers to be powered by CNG (Compresses Natural Gas) engines these units destined for Paris have now left the factory.

The Scarab Merlin is already the number one selling hydrostatic truck-mounted sweeper in France and the Scarab Hydrostatic drive system is the perfect solution for a Compressed Natural Gas powered chassis as the single engine sweeper concept pioneered by Scarab produces no additional exhaust emissions above that of the chassis.  The CNG Scarab Merlin has been mounted onto a Renault chassis that was modified for the sweeper application.

Scarab Sweepers have pioneered the use of hydrostatic technology since the early1980s and lead the world in this field. Further to this Scarab have recently improved their CANbus control system for an even greater driver experience with an easy to use control panel for sweeper functions with full colour screen for sweeping information and a full diagnostic and data capture capability.

The 7 unit CNG deal was secured by Dominique Declercq Distribution (3D for short), Scarab’s long standing French distributor based in Arras.

The success of 3D with Municipalities and Contractors has seen over 1300 Scarab units exported to customers all over France.

Bespoke Scarab Mistral for Brooking Hire
Wednesday - Apr 14, 2010 4:56 am

Scarab Mistral on Daf 75 18 tonne chassis

Scarab have always been good at giving the customer something a little special over the competition and this machine is no different. Alongside the large 8.2 mtr hopper body, and the 2500 litre water tank Martin opted for extra fuel tanks for both the vehicle chassis and the auxiliary engine, we worked closely with Martin and fitted a custom designed high pressure water system and extra wide suction nozzles all this combined with a full safety light package giving Martin the sweeper he desired all this built on the fantastic Daf 75 chassis make this a outstanding sweeper package.

Once Martin received his Scarab Mistral he was delighted at the performance, Andy the driver stated that he enjoys proving the power of his machine to those doubting its ability on sites, the Mistrals main tasks are Road Planing and other general site work.

Ashfield District Councils Fleet of Scarab Magnums
Monday - Mar 1, 2010 12:10 am
Ashfield District Councils Fleet of Scarab Magnums

Ashifield District Council have been a customer of Scarab Sweepers for many years and commented on how reliable the Scarab products have been and how helpful the Scarab Parts team are when they need to order spares also the Service department and technical support was superior to our competitors, comments which we are very grateful for.


Newtown Abbey buy Scarab for Environmental Benefits
Thursday - Nov 5, 2009 12:15 am
 Newtownabbey Borough Council add another 2 Scarab heavy duty truck-mounted sweepers to their existing Scarab fleet of roadsweepers.

With a legal payload of over 6500kgs the Magnum is seen as the best possible addition to the fleet of truck mounted sweepers. Newtownabbey's emphasis on environmental benefits across their fleet of sweepers, is enhanced by all the Scarab Sweepers purchased being "single engined", thereby achieving significant exhaust emission reductions and large fuel savings at a time when whole life costs included further savings made on subsequent spares and maintenance that have been achieved with the current Scarab fleet and are playing a significant part in reducing council cleansing costs.

In addition to the large Scarab Magnum, Newtownabbey BC took delivery of a new Scarab Minor for precinct and urban road cleansing. The Scarab Minor has a unique brush combination, two large polypropylene front brushes, heavy duty steel tined channel brush, full width wide sweep brush with a side suction nozzle - a brush configuration as found on a large truck mounted sweeper - ensuring the Scarab Minor can handle the most arduous conditions around the Newtownabbey district.

The Scarab fleet are supported locally by McCreath Taylor (NI) Ltd, who represent Scarab Sweepers for Northern Ireland.

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