Scarab Sweep Back to School
Thursday - Jun 23, 2011 4:36 pm
Scarab Sweep Back to School

Monday 6th June saw two members of the Scarab Sales Team brushing up on their school days as they went back to school, but they took a sweeper with them!

Scarab Sweepers received an email from Class 3 at Crudgington Primary School in Telford, Shropshire, asking for help with their Moving and Transport Project that was being investigated by all classes of the school. As class 3 had moved through their investigation, they had reached the point where they were investigating the purposes of different types of transport. So, they asked if Scarab would be able to assist with their focus on the environment and the use of transport.

After accepting the school’s invitation, at just after midday, Scarab’s current Mistral demonstrator, mounted on an Iveco Eurocargo 15t GVW chassis, pulled through the school gates ready to show the children what it can do and how it does it. Rather than do a presentation to the entire school at once, each of the classes would have a twenty minute window for a short presentation, question and answer session and finished off with a brief demonstration of the Mistral in action, working within the confines of the school car park.

The children asked questions along the lines of how heavy is the machine, how much does it cost and how much can it carry, but there were one or two more testing questions such as what is its Euro Emission rating and how many horsepower do the engines develop. They were also asked questions by the Scarab Team, such as why did they think the steering wheel was on the left and what was the busiest time of the year for a Sweeper. One lucky pupil, five year old James Harwood, who had only started at the school that day, managed to have his photograph taken in the driver’s seat that went into the local newspaper!

Class 3 teacher, Kirsty Anderson who organised the visit said, ”As well as our Transport project, we also used this visit as an opportunity to look at the science of how the machine works with hydraulics and electronics along with the environmental impact street cleansing has.” She went on to say, “The Children were in awe of the Scarab Mistral and they asked some really interesting questions. Most of them now want to be RoadSweeper drivers. A very big thank you to Scarab Sweepers for helping us with our project and for leaving our car park nice and clean!”

Pictured below are the pupils of class 3, the Scarab Sales Team and the Scarab Mistral.
The Kids from Crudgington Primary School

Douglas B.C time delivery of a new Scarab to perfection.
Tuesday - May 3, 2011 4:39 pm
Douglas B.C time delivery of a new Scarab to perfection.

Douglas Borough Council, located in the Capital of the fabulous Isle of Man, have just taken delivery of their first Scarab Minor with Euro 5 engine emission technology, continuing the long line of previous Scarab Sweepers employed by the Authority over the last 20 years.


The new machine, pictured at the depot just prior to having its Corporate Livery fitted, was delivered and commissioned just in time to start work before the world famous Isle of Man TT Races kick off for 2011. With the expected visitor numbers to be very high this year, as this year marks a milestone being the Centenary of the awesome Mountain Course, clearly, this is going to be a very busy period of time for the Borough. Although the Scarab Minor will never set a fastest lap record, its arrival is certainly exceptional timing!This new Minor is a well specified machine, equipped to meet the challenges that its new Island home will present it head on. As standard, it meets the latest engine emission criteria and will help the Authority with its commitment to reduce its Carbon output over the next 5 years. This Minor also meets the latest PM10 particulate emission criteria, which is something that all Scarab Sweepers have complied with since its inception and a key requirement to the Borough. Some of the optional features fitted, such as the High Pressure Water System with detergent kit and onboard hand wash system will be integral in the clean up after the festivities of the TT period for Paddy Higgins, Waste Services Manager, and his team, as well as throughout the rest of the year.


Asked why the Scarab Minor was the machine of choice, Paddy said “the Scarab Minor has proven its reliability to be the best when compared to others over the years that we have operated the machine and it fits very well into our operation.”

Scarab Minor Road Sweeper

Steve Dugdale, Transport and Plant Manager of Douglas Borough Council and his team, will be tasked with carrying out the maintenance of this new Scarab Minor, along with the existing two other Scarab Sweepers in the Borough’s fleet, using their state of the art workshops. When talking with Steve about the decision to order another Scarab, he said “the Scarab Minor has always proven to be a reliable machine and the backup we receive from the Manufacturer has always been very good. Obviously, the challenges of being located on the Isle of Man are a good test and parts supply from Scarab has always been up to that challenge.”


Douglas Borough Council also operates a further Scarab Minor and a Scarab Merlin Hydrostatic

Partners Clean up Shropshire
Friday - Apr 22, 2011 2:44 am
Partners Clean up Shropshire

Committed to cleaning up the roads of the county, Shropshire Council has invested in 13 new truck mounted, mechanical road sweepers – provided by their local DAF dealer, Greenhous in partnership with Scarab Sweepers.

The replacement vehicles for Shropshire Council’s fleet comprise a suite of vehicles, each fitted with a sweeper by Scarab Sweepers, including four DAF FALF45 7.5T sweepers, three DAF FALF45 12T sweepers, four DAF FALF55 15T sweepers and two DAF FALF55 18T sweepers.

The contract was awarded following a tendering process which sees Greenhous and Scarab Sweepers providing a one-stop-shop service, including a local comprehensive care and maintenance programme for all vehicles – minimising downtime to the authority. 


Andy Maiden, Vehicle Maintenance and Procurement Manager for Shropshire Council, commented:  “We needed to modernise our fleet of sweepers to provide the best and most efficient service possible to the public in terms of operational and environmental performance.  We found the Scarab Sweepers and Greenhous’ partnership to be one that will provide a comprehensive and competitive vehicle package which included a high quality after sales service, which is very important to us. In addition to the Truck Mounted vehicles the Council has also invested in a further five 4.2T Scarab Minor sweepers which will also be maintained within the Scarab Sweepers and Greenhous Partnership giving us a one stop package to improve our functionality and performance”

Colin Moore, Truck Sales Executive for Greenhous Commercials in Shrewsbury, added: “We are committed to providing the best possible service to our customers, and are proud that Shropshire Council has chosen to work with Scarab Sweepers and Greenhous to provide high quality vehicles to meet their requirements.”   

Austin Anderson, Regional Sales Manager for Scarab Sweepers added:  “Before Shropshire Council became a Unitary Council, we had previously supplied sweepers to four of the district Councils and were extremely keen to continue working with the new Unitary Authority. In light of the current economic climate and pending legislation in regard to carbon dioxide output, the Scarab single engine technology will significantly help to reduce the Authority’s spending on fuel and will also produce 195,000kgs less of CO2 per annum than equivalent ‘conventional’ twin engined sweepers. These environmental benefits, combined with excellent performance, unrivalled Service support and spare-parts back up made the Scarab / Greenhous DAF combination the preferred choice for Shropshire.”

Scarab on Tour - CV Show 2011
Monday - Apr 18, 2011 3:36 am
Scarab on Tour - CV Show 2011
 Last week saw the return of the Commercial Vehicle Show, centred on the NEC Birmingham, with scarab Sweepers taking a stand of 150m2 in the Municipal section of Hall 5.


On display were some newly completed demonstration vehicles consisting of an Azura, Minor, Merlin XP and Mistral 6.2 resplendent in their silver livery.

The effect was outstanding, with visiting customers and co-exhibitors alike commenting on the extremely high quality of Scarab products. If you were unable to attend the show in person, you'll get an idea of what you missed in the attached images, but you will also be able catch up with us at the following forthcoming exhibitions, part of the 'Scarab on Tour 2011 exhibitions'


APSE at Aviemore, Scotland - May 23rd - 26th, 2011.

PAWRS at Paignton, Devon - June 7th - 9th, 2011.

Londonderry Garage Show, Northallerton - July 13th - 14th, 2011.

RWM Exhibition, NEC Birmingham - September 13th - 15th, 2011."

Commercial Vehicle Show 2011

Commercial Vehicle Show 2011

Meet Mr Dusty The Roadsweeper !
Tuesday - Mar 15, 2011 4:48 pm
Meet Mr Dusty The Roadsweeper !

Waveney Norse Purchased three new road sweepers to carry out street cleansing in the Waveney area and jointly decided with Scarab to invite schoolchildren to name the sweepers. Waveney displayed the sweepers at Lowestoft Airshow and ran the competition in partnership with Scarab to give fun names to the new cleaning equipment, with the winners being drawn out of a box by the sweepers' drivers.

Each of the winners from Warren School was presented with a goody bag from Waveney Norse and Scarab along with a special prize for the School. The winners also got to see the sweepers bearing the names they had picked - Mr Dusty, chosen by Hannah Richardson, Dusty, chosen by Lauren Coote and Smudge, chosen by Hannah Lawler.

Mike Daniels, Waveney Norse's service manager for cleansing, said: "Having received over 300 entries, it was wonderful to see such a high level of interest in the competition and to share in the children's excitement at having their names on the sweepers.

The Scarab Sweepers will be used for general street cleansing in Waveney, the sweeper operators said they preferred the simplicity of the new CANbus controls and the better performance over their previous competitors machines and were delighted to take part in a great competition,

 Mark Fellows from Scarab alongside Mike Daniels Service Manager for Cleansing Presenting Prize to Warren School


Scarab Mistral aka Mr Dusty with its Auxiliary Weed Ripper Brush
Above:  You can see one of the Scarab's "Mr Dusty" fitted with an optional weed ripping brush to suit the needs of Waveney Norse.

Ten Scarab Minor and Magnums with Winter Modifications delivered to Prague
Wednesday - Nov 10, 2010 4:53 pm
Those that have visited the historic and beautiful city of Prague may be familiar with the frequent traffic congestion that befalls the Czech city that is yet to complete its ring-road. Combine this with the not uncommon snow falls of 20cm and the challenges faced by the cities cleaning department become all too apparent.

František Hodan is the cities Street Services Manager and from his office in the Pražske Služby (Prague Service) Headquarters he keeps complete control over maintaining the high level of service demanded by residents and visitors alike. The selection of his equipment is critical and it is no surprise that UK based Scarab Sweepers has delivered 10 machines to assist in this task. Scarab’s long standing Czech distributor A-TEC, headed by Martin Ninger has worked closely with A.S.A. who are contracted to clean the area to the Southwest of the city called Prague 5.  


Essential to the Prague’s efficient operation is the satellite tracking and telemetry that is fitted to virtually all their 450 municipal vehicles. This requirement is easily accommodated by Scarab’s world leading CANbus system which provides full sweeping data and self diagnostics in real time. The mix of Minor and Magnum models are specially modified by A-TEC to be demountable for winter fitment of gritters and snow ploughs. All the machines are fitted with noise reducing packages for minimal disturbance whilst the single engine design ensures that these efficient cleaning machines are also clean machines. For further information please contact Scarab Sweepers via

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