IFM Partners with Scarab Sweepers.
Thursday - Oct 20, 2011 3:56 pm
IFM Partners with Scarab Sweepers.

Building Road Sweepers for over 30 years and with customers all round the world they pride themselves on not only their products but also a first class support team.

When choosing a new control system partner, it was key to not only have first class products but also a company with an in-depth knowledge of the municipal industry. Scarab chose ifm electronic.As with any municipal vehicle uptime is crucial, so it was vital to have components specifically designed for the tough environment but also an intelligent diagnostic system to allow operators to pinpoint any issues and resolve them quickly.

Scarab's design is centered around a CAN master controller with common slave controllers. Customised tactile push buttons and joystick are connected locally to CANOpen nodes housed in the cab.

The availability of CAN-based chassis meant it was possible to eliminate much of the hard wiring between the sweeper body and truck chassis. Scarab decided to introduce the CAN bus interface as standard on all production vehicles, utilising ifm's knowledge and close working relationship with the chassis manufacturers: MAN, Mercedes, Scania, Volvo, Renault, Iveco and DAF.
The SAE J1939 standard documents all the data and information that is available to body-builders from the truck chassis. This standard allowed Scarab to have common platform across the large range of chassis requested by their customers.

IFM was able to offer a complete control solution with position sensors for both the hopper down detection and pneumatic cylinders.

Fundamental to the decision process was the ability for Scarab to not only create their own software but also the ability to maintain and develop it, thus being in control of their own destiny. Using the open source CoDeSys 2.3 software (IEC 61131 compliant) allowed Scarab's engineering team to create everything from the custom graphics on the operator display to the unique hydrostatic drive control software.


The icon-based display was important in selling to Scarab's multi-national customer base, however utilising the flexible file system of the ifm display permitted multi-language text to be used.

Scarab commented as follows on the reasons for using a CAN control system:

"Simplicity is the keynote here, by using just two wires and micro-controller based modules (the control nodes) it is possible to eliminate most of the complex wiring looms necessary to control sweeper functions. The bus connects to the nodes which are located adjacent to the various valve blocks, pumps or motors as necessary, requiring only short cable runs to the components in question. The benefits to sweeper design and operation are unquestionable and it will be no suprise to those who understand good design, that Scarab have fully embraced CANbus, incorporating it into our latest models."

More details at

Scarab Road Sweepers at the Marini Open Day in Italy
Friday - Oct 14, 2011 11:10 pm
Scarab Road Sweepers at the Marini Open Day in Italy

Marini (A member of the Fayat Group of companies) held open day event at their production facilities at Alfonsine, Italy to exhibit Asphalt plants, Bomag Rollers, Pavers and Milling machines.


The event provided a welcome opportunity for Scarab's Product Manager Nigel Proctor and Export Sales Manager Doug Flynn to promote the FS6000 Demonstrator mounted on a MAN chassis to both the Bomag sales team and their customers.


The two day event was well attended with guests travelling from all regions of Italy with many potential customers showing keen interest in the Scarab FS6000 as well as the Mathieu and Ravo which were also on display.

Sedgemoor & Scarab celebrate 21years.
Friday - Oct 14, 2011 4:18 pm
Sedgemoor & Scarab celebrate 21years.

Richard Stokes, Head of Service and Bob Kondys, Transport Manager for Sedgemoor District Council were on hand to take delivery of a Scarab Minor and two new Scarab Magnum sweepers from John O’Leary, Scarab Regional Sales Manager for the South West.

The two new Magnums represent the fourth generation of truck mounted Scarab’s at Sedgemoor DC, the first being a 7.5 ton Major 3000 back in 1990, whilst the Minor becomes the second of its type in their fleet and is to be used at Burnham-on-Sea.

Bob Kondys, who has been with Sedgemoor DC since 1982, said that they had been very pleased with their current Minor and that this had played a big part in the ordering of a second.

Scarab is delighted to have such a longstanding relationship with Sedgemoor DC, and look forward to another 21 years.

Townsville City Council Australia
Tuesday - Sep 27, 2011 9:55 am
Townsville City Council Australia
 In July 2011, Townsville City Council took delivery of our new Scarab Mistral Street Sweeper. Rosmech has impressed us with their professional manner throughout the purchase and delivery process. We are extremely pleased with our new sweeper; it is efficient, easy to operate and the utilisation of twin steering boxes for the dual steer of the chassis enables us to reduce the wear and tear on the steering components over the life of the vehicle.

Rosmech’s agents Mike & Wayne Trace were extremely thorough throughout the training program, ensuring each of the operators and workshop personnel understood the operation & maintenance requirements of the sweeper.

The sweeper excels in our climate, especially during the summer months when our sweeping requirements increase due to environmental factors whilst still ensuring operator comfort during the hot and humid conditions.

Whenever we require replacement brooms or spare parts for any of our sweepers in our fleet, Mike is always able to assist us in a timely manner.

We would be honoured to recommend Rosmech’s Scarab Mistral Street Sweeper to any interested customer.
Glen Wilson, Fleet Manager, Townsville City Council

C02 emissions, one lump or two & a load of hot air!
Wednesday - Jul 20, 2011 4:51 pm
C02 emissions, one lump or two & a load of hot air!
For a long time now there has been an ongoing debate regarding the benefits of operating a truck mounted sweeper with two engines or just one. In the early years this concentrated on performance and reliability, whilst latterly the argument moved towards payload issues, particularly at lower chassis gross vehicle weights. However, current focus appears to have shifted onto fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, mainly because the previous objections to the single engined concept have been disproved.

Always a Company keen on using European standards where they exist, back in late 2009 we at Scarab carried out a series of fuel tests based upon CEN/TC 337/WG 4, Working Draft for future prEN 15429-2 “Sweepers - Part 2: Performance requirements and test methods”. Now, whilst this is still only a draft procedure and not due to be adopted until sometime next year, it is at least a legitimate attempt at avoiding the “we made up our own test and got these results” accusation and is available for all to use; in short it is credible!

Based upon this test, we found that our own single engined sweeper was some 22% more fuel efficient than ourdual-engined variant. Bearing in mind that we firmly believe that our two engined sweeper, due to its more modern design is some 10% more fuel efficient than comparative designs from other manufacturers, we reckon any CO2 reduction is likely to favour one engine, not two.

Borrowing briefly from recent rhetoric, based on operating 2000 hours per annum a Scarab single engined sweeper will produce in the region of 16 tonnes less CO2 than someone else’s twin engined sweeper and use over 6000 litres of fuel less; now that is genuinely astonishing!

Of course, we shouldn’t just concentrate on CO2 as it can also be expected that significant reductions would be made in relation to the other greenhouse gasses’ that contribute to global warming, such as methane and nitrous oxide, as well as diesel particulate emissions. So, for any local authority looking to improve their NI185 ratings, reduce costs and operate quiet sweepers offering the highest ratio of payload to water carrying and hopper capacity available, the choice is simple – one lump please and not so much of the hot air thank you.

Scarab Sweep Back to School
Thursday - Jun 23, 2011 4:36 pm
Scarab Sweep Back to School

Monday 6th June saw two members of the Scarab Sales Team brushing up on their school days as they went back to school, but they took a sweeper with them!

Scarab Sweepers received an email from Class 3 at Crudgington Primary School in Telford, Shropshire, asking for help with their Moving and Transport Project that was being investigated by all classes of the school. As class 3 had moved through their investigation, they had reached the point where they were investigating the purposes of different types of transport. So, they asked if Scarab would be able to assist with their focus on the environment and the use of transport.

After accepting the school’s invitation, at just after midday, Scarab’s current Mistral demonstrator, mounted on an Iveco Eurocargo 15t GVW chassis, pulled through the school gates ready to show the children what it can do and how it does it. Rather than do a presentation to the entire school at once, each of the classes would have a twenty minute window for a short presentation, question and answer session and finished off with a brief demonstration of the Mistral in action, working within the confines of the school car park.

The children asked questions along the lines of how heavy is the machine, how much does it cost and how much can it carry, but there were one or two more testing questions such as what is its Euro Emission rating and how many horsepower do the engines develop. They were also asked questions by the Scarab Team, such as why did they think the steering wheel was on the left and what was the busiest time of the year for a Sweeper. One lucky pupil, five year old James Harwood, who had only started at the school that day, managed to have his photograph taken in the driver’s seat that went into the local newspaper!

Class 3 teacher, Kirsty Anderson who organised the visit said, ”As well as our Transport project, we also used this visit as an opportunity to look at the science of how the machine works with hydraulics and electronics along with the environmental impact street cleansing has.” She went on to say, “The Children were in awe of the Scarab Mistral and they asked some really interesting questions. Most of them now want to be RoadSweeper drivers. A very big thank you to Scarab Sweepers for helping us with our project and for leaving our car park nice and clean!”

Pictured below are the pupils of class 3, the Scarab Sales Team and the Scarab Mistral.
The Kids from Crudgington Primary School

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