Two more Scarab Merlins for Liverpool
Wednesday - Mar 7, 2012 4:21 pm
Two more Scarab Merlins for Liverpool
The Merlin XPs, shown below in their Enterprise Liverpool livery, are supplied and maintained by GPL. GPL have an onsite, modern workshop facilities with very experienced staff, covering the fleet made up of 17 Scarab Merlin Hydrostatics frontline machines and 2 spares, 6 Scarab Minors front line machines with a further 2 spares, that is operated by Enterprise Liverpool. They operate with a large parts stock and the latest diagnostic equipment for all eventualities and also have two mobile service units. Andy Lovatt, General Manager of GPL Northern Contracts said “we’re very pleased that the Tri Party working relationship between GPL, Enterprise Liverpool and Scarab Sweepers has continued with the delivery of these new Sweepers. We know the product well and experience good support from Scarab Sweepers that also includes regular review meetings with all parties.”

Being a large city, Enterprise Liverpool’s well tried and tested operation is a double shift system with 2 Operatives in the crews that keep the 2008 European Capital of Culture spick and span. Having operated both the Scarab Merlin Hydrostatic, in all of its incarnations as well as the Scarab Minor, when asked why Enterprise Liverpool chose Scarab again, Tim Oldfield, Asset Manager of Enterprise Liverpool said “the Scarab Merlin has earned a long, proven track record here in Liverpool over the years and we’re very happy with the product.”
Goldfields Shire Council opt for Scarab
Friday - Feb 10, 2012 4:59 am
Central Goldfields have been operating a Scarab Merlin and were very pleased with both the quality of its performance along with the first class back up and support supplied by Rosmech Pty.



The new Scarab Mistral was fitted with Automatic transmission and has a greater payload and ground clearance then the competition they had looked at this along with the high value trade in price offered by Rosmech helped clinch the deal. The main operator loves the new Scarab CANbus 3 control system and how simplistic it is in operation along with the diagnostics and the powerful suction of the twin engine Scarab Mistral.

Mount Barker DC switch to twin engine Scarab roadsweeper
Thursday - Feb 2, 2012 3:51 am
Mount Barker DC switch to twin engine Scarab roadsweeper
Scarab Sweepers Australian Agent have supplied The District Council of Mount Barker with a Twin Engine Scarab Mistral replacing their Macdonald Johnston, the vehicle will predominantly be used for Street Cleansing around the picturesque countryside and the bustling townships of Mount Barker which is 30 minutes away from the Capital of South Australia, Adelaide.


Mount Barker DC were impressed with Rosmech’s range of Scarab sweepers and were equally impressed with the new Scarab CANbus 3 control system of the Scarab Mistral with their sweeper operators finding it far easier to use then the MacDonald Johnston this along with the fantastic diagnostic capabilities which would equate to less down time and easier maintenance this along with the great suction power and options provided helped clench the deal.

Holroyd Council NSW purchase another Scarab Mistral
Wednesday - Feb 1, 2012 3:43 am
Holroyd Council NSW purchase another Scarab Mistral
Holroyd City Council based in NSW Australia had previously purchased a Scarab Mistral with the CANbus 2 control system and after 12 months of heavy use decided they were extremely happy with both the performance and reliability of the twin engine Scarab Mistral that they would order another, these factors along with the professionalism and support of Rosmech were a major consideration in the purchasing process of this most recent Scarab Mistral.

The Mistral will be run alongside Holroyd’s existing fleet and is to be predominantly be used for Street Cleansing Programs.

Photo shows another Happy and now very proud owner, City Council’s Fleet Manager Steve Brown is pictured shaking hands with Rosmech’s Territory Sales Manager for New South Wales (Australia) Graeme Richards whilst the Holroyd’s senior operator Boyd MacDonald watches on at the handover of the keys.

Walsall move to Scarab
Monday - Jan 30, 2012 5:01 am
Walsall move to Scarab
When Walsall Mbc decided to replace 2 competitors 15 tonne Truck Mounted Sweepers they turned to Scarab to build them, One of the many contributing factors in choosing Scarab according to Walsall MBC's Procurement Officer Den Edwards was "Scarab’s willingness to listen to the customer and provide everything we asked for nothing was too much trouble".

They decided to purchase 2 Scarab Twin Engine Mistrals both with 6.2 Cubic Metre Hoppers and built on Mercedes 1324 Atego Chassis complete with an Auto gearbox, required In the specification were electronic light boards which were fitted to the rear of the sweepers making the vehicles far more visible to the public which also in turn gives the operatives added peace of mind that they can be seen more easily . Included in the bespoke sweeper spec is Scarabs new and innovative CANbus 3 control and diagnostics system which not only simplifies the whole operating process and gives the operator a visual feedback via the large Colour Monitor but also gives Technicians important fault diagnosis information when if they should arise which all helps in keeping the machine in its best condition and on the road where it should be.
Londonderrys £1.5 million order for Scarab Road Sweepers
Thursday - Jan 12, 2012 3:32 am

Scarab Sweepers distributor Londonderry Garage, supplier of specialist vehicles and equipment, has won four contracts involving a total of 18 Scarab sweepers worth some £1.5 million.

Middlesbrough Council has acquired four Scarab Merlin XPs mounted on 7.5 tonne Daf chassis as well as three Scarab Minors. The XP (Xtra Payload) model maximises the potential of the 7.5 tonne chassis, providing users with half a tonne additional load carrying ability.

The Scarab Minors are a versatile and compact urban/precinct sweeper, ideal for many applications from pavement sweeping to street cleansing.

The other orders include Kirklees Council which has purchased three Scarab Minors, and Durham County Council which has acquired four Scarab Merlins – on 2 x 12 tonne Daf chassis and 2 x 7.5 tonne Daf chassis – and three Scarab Minors.

Finally, tunnel operator TT2 has bought a Scarab Merlin XP on a 7.5 tonne Daf chassis and fitted with a snowplough which is carrying out sweeping and gully emptying duties in the existing Tyne Tunnel. It will then transfer to the new £260 million tunnel which is scheduled to open next month and has a capacity to carry some 75,000 vehicles a day

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