It's a Scarab Minor for Gedling B.C
Friday - Apr 20, 2012 1:57 am
It's a Scarab Minor for Gedling B.C

Scarab Sweepers have recently supplied and commissioned into service, a first Scarab Minor for Gedling BC, having previously operated a full fleet of sweepers featuring front suction. 


Mark Hurst, Gedling’s Operations Manager pictured below, with the new machine, along with Mark Fellows of Scarab Sweepers said “We chose the minor for its flexibility. The Minor gives us the ability to work in a variation of environments – it is equally at home in a local area as well as working in the outlying areas without the disruption to our HGV Sweeper.”

The specification of this new Sweeper includes the latest Scarab CAN bus 3 technology, along with Air conditioning and Rear Camera.


Bromsgrove B.C add more Azura compact roadsweepers.
Friday - Apr 20, 2012 1:51 am
Bromsgrove B.C add more Azura compact roadsweepers.

Bromsgrove BC have just taken delivery of a further 2 Scarab Azura Compact Sweepers to add to the pair they purchased back in 2010.


Bromsgrove BC have recently joined forces with Redditch BC leading to a shared Street Cleansing service across the two Boroughs. The demand of this Service means that the machines are required to be on station seven days of the week. To ensure minimum disruption, Scarab Sweepers have implemented an Impress Stock arrangement to enable a smooth supply to Bromsgrove’s Transport and Fleet department. This close working relationship has been developed over a period of time, as Scarab also supplied Truck Mounted Sweepers to both Authorities. Quarterly meetings with both Service Departments mean that a Partnership has developed quickly, benefitting the Authorities and Scarab, with frequent information exchanges and updates. Further investments in the Partnership include Factory Training Courses for the Maintenance Staff and the latest diagnostic equipment.

Pictured below are all four Sweepers, along with the Operators.

Scarab Azura roadsweepers

Neil Reid commented “Having chosen the Azuras in the first place, compared to other machines available in the market, the Azura offers ease of maintenance and suction performance on par with a much larger Sweeper. It really was a no brainer!”


INTERMAT 2012 Exhibition Paris
Wednesday - Apr 4, 2012 10:00 am
INTERMAT 2012 Exhibition Paris

INTERMAT 2012 -   16th April - 21st April 2012

3D FAYAT GROUP STAND - Hall 3, Stand C041-C042 

Scarab Sweepers will be represented at INTERMAT 2012 by our French Agent 3D.  

3D part of the FAYAT Group will be show casing other products from the Groups Division Road Materials product range. Scarab Sweepers Limited will have an english representative at the stand.

Paris Nord Villepinte

Parc des Expositions de Paris-Nord Villepinte - France

Halls 2, 3, 4, 5A, 5B and 6.


Parc des Expositions Paris-Nord Villepinte
B.P 68004
95970 Roissy CDG Cedex – France


FAYAT Group - New Brooms at Scarab
Wednesday - Apr 4, 2012 4:51 am
FAYAT Group - New Brooms at Scarab

The Fayat Group is a privately-owned business that already has the Mathieu and Ravo sweeper companies under its wing, as well as having interests in a range of road building and maintenance equipment, including Bomag – a global market leader in compaction technology. With a combined turnover around three billion Euros, Fayat is at the leader board of European companies involved in sweeper manufacturing and now has a range of surface cleaning equipment across its brands.

Current Sales Director for Scarab, Dave Cassingham, explains what is to be expected under the new ownership: “From the customers perspective we will obviously be sporting a new company identity. That in itself is no surprise, but the core values and ethos of Scarab remain unchanged. We may be under the new ownership of a hugely successful organisation but we are still empowered to make important decisions about our business at ground level. This helps to ensure that decisions are not delayed and are being taken by those closest to the action.”



Fayat is no stranger to Scarab, says Dave: “The company was first introduced to Scarab in 2000 when they acquired a stake in our French distribution partner – 3D –, based in Arras. It has been interesting to watch 3D grow its business over the last years. Sound investments and an expanded portfolio of products have allowed 3D to achieve a market leading position in France, where the sweeper market is even more competitive than the UK.”

Scarab has been in the hands of Managing and Financial Director John Affleck for six years. His financial experience and engineering background has ensured that the company has remained strong despite having been through a fairly tough UK recession. With John’s official retirement approaching in December, he will maintain his crucial financial role but passing the position of MD to Dave Cassingham commencing in 2012.


“The advantages of larger group purchasing power and shared development costs between sister companies will undoubtedly benefit Scarab and its customers in the future,” explains Dave.


The ever increasing need of customers to ensure intelligent spending and reduce ownership and operating costs have led to Scarab increasing its market share in the UK by more than 15%, with a similarly significant increase in the global market. The company puts this down to offering bespoke solutions to satisfy the varied needs of clients globally.



“One such specialism being single engine technology, which has seen us deliver more of this type of truck-mounted sweepers than virtually all other manufacturers put together,” he adds.


With the topic of “appropriate technology” high on the company’s agenda, it is no surprise that since being the first sweeper company in the world to successfully introduce CANbus control eight years ago, Scarab has recently launched the third generation of this award-winning product to the marketplace.


The user interface has been simplified and the system integrates ECO modes to further reduce the already low fuel consumption, exhaust and noise emissions whilst still maintaining equipment performance and current PM10 compliance.


In consultation with key clients about their on-going and future needs the system has been recognised as being a tool to assist monitoring and benchmarking of the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are becoming increasingly imposed on service providers.

Functions such as live-time telemetry transmission and water consumption monitoring have been options added to the standard package.


Paul Mannering, UK Sales Manager, believes that taking on the Mathieu products has been a fantastic opportunity to offer a truly compact machine that compliments the well-established Scarab Minor.


“Over the past decade, we have developed and improved our product range and introduced new variants to better meet the needs of our customer base. The current Minor has evolved from its original design back in the 1980s and been recently updated with our latest CanBus system. Our truck mount range still has the Merlin and Magnum single engined units with the choice of Hydrostatic or Unidrive transmissions, which remain ever popular with local authority clients, whilst we’ve also enjoyed considerable success with our Twin-Drive Mistral and M6 models to sweeping contractors and councils alike,” says Paul

“Recent deliveries in South Gloucester, Rugby, Redditch, North Warwickshire and Luton have all demonstrated that customers have been seeking an alternative to their traditionally purchased products. Bromsgrove have now also placed a further order for Azuras, taking their Scarab supplied fleet to seven machines,” says Paul. He continues that Mathieu has put a great deal of effort into developing and perfecting the Azura platform which is capable of carrying a sweeper, scrubber-dryer and street-washer. Scarab has been heavily involved in that process and is now manufacturing significant elements of the machine such as the stainless steel hopper at its fabrication facility in Marden.


Development continues with introduction of the Azura-flex which is the first compact sweeper providing a quick-change multipoint attachment for a three-brush scrubbing head, an articulated third brush, a snowplough, a snowbrush and a salt spreader which can offer operational flexibility to counter the already strapped municipal budgets in the years to come.

“The quality and diversity of the product is one important thing, but the integrity and knowledge of the staff is also key to our success,” explains Paul. “Customers appreciate the vast experience across our front line sales and Support Team and that includes our Regional Sales Managers, demonstration drivers, instructors and service engineers who are the face of Scarab to most of our users. Their combination of experience, support and our broad product offering means we listen to our customer’s needs and can provide a tailored solution.”

Dave Cassingham believes a company should build on its strengths. “Our senior management team consists of key staff that have progressed through the company and now hold senior roles; many with over 20 years service. Their experience and enthusiasm has long since been driving the company forward and we will continue to nurture the home-grown talent within the business.


“With the support of the Fayat Group we are in a position to invest appropriately and develop sweeping technology for the benefit of our customers both independently and through joint development projects with Mathieu and Ravo, taking full advantage of further synergies across the Fayat group as a whole.”

A Great Pair For Rochdale MBC.
Wednesday - Apr 4, 2012 2:54 am
A Great Pair For Rochdale MBC.
Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council have just taken delivery of two new Truck Mounted Sweepers from Scarab Sweepers Ltd, replacing a pair of retiring Scarab Merlins. A new Scarab Merlin Hydrostatic mounted on a DAF FALF 45 170 12t gvw chassis has gone into service and this time round, Rochdale have added capacity as one of the outgoing machines has been replaced with a Scarab Magnum, mounted on a DAF FALF 55 220 15t gvw chassis. Fitted with Scarab’s innovative Hydro-drive system and third channel brush, this is the first machine of this type to be supplied by Scarab into the North West.
Graham Thompson, Rochdale’s Fleet Manager, said ”Having had a number of years experiencing the Scarab product and the new sweeping schedules coming in, a larger capacity machine was required to meet the demands. The 7.2 cubic metre hopper and 1800 litres water tank offered by the Scarab Magnum, whilst fitted to a 15t gvw chassis is the ideal fit, giving improved payload and capacity to stay on station for longer, without compromising manoeuvrability. The Scarab Merlin has worked well previously and the new version will continue where the old one left off.”
Rochdale’s specifications for the machines are well detailed. The Merlin is fitted with dual sweep, high pressure water system including fan clean assist, stainless steel fan, inlet cone and screen, Teal Handwash, LED Beacons and Vision Technique dual camera system.
The Scarab Magnum Hydro-drive pictured below, is a high specification to take on the diversity of the new rounds and delivery the efficiencies that are demanded of it. As per the Merlin, it is a dual sweep machine, having high pressure water system including fan clean assist and suction box boost bar, overhead boom allowing the machine to get at the hard reach areas such as behind parked cars, stainless steel fan, inlet cone and screen, LED Beacons and Vision Technique dual camera system. As previously mentioned, this machine is also fitted with Scarab’s Auxiliary Channel Brush which can be extended out to add an even greater sweep width. It can also be fitted with a variety of brushes to allow for weed ripping, accessing pavements or even just working the channel to allow for a single pass on even the heaviest of work.
The Magnum will be operated by Brian Tomkins, shown below, who is also Rochdale’s Scarab approved Operator Instructor that allows him to instruct all of Rochdale’s Sweeper Drivers on how to safely operate their Scarab fleet, that includes 7 Scarab Minor Hydrostatics a Scarab Merlin Unidrive and the 2 new machines. Brian, who’s been with the Authority since the 1990s said, “I get up in the morning to come to work, as I love my job. The best part of it though, is that I get to drive my Scarab every day and I can’t wait to get started with this Magnum.”

New Scarab Coporate Logo and Marketing
Monday - Mar 12, 2012 10:43 am
New Scarab Coporate Logo and Marketing

SCARAB, has introduced a new corporate logo. The intention of French FAYAT Group, of which SCARAB has been part since 2011, has been to create a universal logo for the Group and its subsidiaries around the globe.
FAYAT has around one hundred subsidiaries, making it the fourth largest French group in the construction industry, and to strengthen the relationship between subsidiaries, FAYAT has created this universal corporate logo.

The founder of the group in 1957, which has since continued to expand significantly, is Clément Fayat. Today, he still holds the position of President. The new logo conveys a sense of belonging and community among the various subsidiaries and will undoubtedly enhance the FAYAT Group image in the market.

The result is a corporate design that meets several criteria: identification with FAYAT, a high visual impact especially on construction sites, easy differentiation from competitors, and identification with the Group's values and activities. The brand has been thoroughly restructured, however, with differentiation made between a "subsidiary" and a "group" dimension. This distinction is visibly presented by the positioning of the new, yellow emblem either above or on the left hand side of the company name.

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