Griffith City Council, NSW purchase another Scarab road sweeper
Sunday - Oct 14, 2012 10:40 pm
Griffith City Council, NSW purchase another Scarab road sweeper
Griffith is a thriving community and an up and coming cosmopolitan city in New South Wales, Australia. Set on a backdrop of lush vineyards, thriving orchards and golden fields it is most certainly a bustling and vibrant centre with a diverse mix of people and industries and is the heart of Australia’s food bowl growing a wide variety of fruit and vegetables.
Scarab’s Australian Distributor Rosmech recently put in to operation an additional road sweeper to work alongside Griffith City Council’s existing Scarab Merlin built on the popular UD MK240 Chassis, the new sweeper a Twin Engine Scarab Mistral also built on a UD Chassis but this time the MK 6 model with an Auto Box, will be used alongside their existing Merlin for general street cleansing operations.

Rosmech added an array of new Safety features to the Scarab Mistral including LED Tail lights, rear mounted lights additional reverse lights & brake turning lights along with a CCTV system with Cameras placed in key areas around the Sweeper all viewed on a 6.4 Inch colour screen within the Cab.

Griffith City Council’s sweeper operators pushed for the Scarab Mistral after comparing against the competitions  latest offerings, but after extensive trials they all agreed that they found the Scarab Mistral was easier to operate with its intuitive CANbus Control System along and had excellent suction power and after using their previous Scarab Merlin for some 5 years had knowledge not only of the reliability of the Scarab product but importantly the backup and support provided by Rosmech for both Service and Parts is second to none.

From Left to Right... Dems Pompeani (Griffith City Council - Main Sweeper Operator), Roger Howe (Rosmech – Sweeper Demonstration & Delivery Representative),
Ken Parsons (Griffith City Council – Workshop Manager).
Scarab Road Sweepers cleansing the streets in the City of Bucharest
Thursday - Oct 11, 2012 11:10 pm
Scarab Road Sweepers cleansing the streets in the City of Bucharest
Gradinariu Import Export the Romanian Distributor for Scarab Road Sweepers have had great feedback from the Rosal Group in Bucharest regarding the two Scarab Minor road sweepers they use within their cleansing operation.

Bucharest is the cultural,industrial and financial centre of Romania and is a bustling City for both business and tourism the City streets are a mixture of modern roads, pathways and cobbled alleyways so when the Rosal Group a key cleansing contractor looked at purchasing two new compact road sweepers to help assist in their  cleansing operation of the City of Bucharest they turned to Scarabs Romanian distributor,  Gradinariu Import Export.
Gradinariu have worked with Rosal Group for many years and knew the Scarab Minor with its four brush sweeping pattern, excellent suction and its large hopper capacity would be the perfect sweeper for the wide and varied street cleansing operations that they would use them for.  One of the vehicles was also supplied with the popular street wash option which has enabled the Scarab Minor to play two important roles, one as a versatile road sweeper and the other a dedicated and powerful street washing machine, the kit enables the Scarab Minor to hold 1000 litres of water and the incab controller can direct the hydraulically controlled front spray bar for both lift and slew and enabling the operator to have precise control on the areas which require intensive washing in addition to the kit comes a hydrant adaptor for easy filling.

Both Scarab Minors have been in operation for over a year and operating daily on split shift patterns without any problems, the purchasing Manager for Rosal was very pleased with Gradinariu's choice of sweeper and the excellent Support they  have provided when supplying parts and the servicing of both machines.
Scarab Road Sweepers in Switzerland.
Sunday - Oct 7, 2012 9:18 pm
Scarab Road Sweepers in Switzerland.
The land of cuckoo clocks and fine chocolate will be a little more yellow thanks to Kehrtec, the Scarab Distributor for Switzerland.

This Scarab Magnum Hydrostatic has been fitted with specialist options of a telescopic scraper, high pressure water pump and flushing bars to allow the sweeper to operate effectively in both municipal and demanding construction activities.

This machine is the second Scarab sweeper purchased by specialist contractor Balmec S.A. from Flanthey and operates in the picturesque Valais area near the Matterhorn.

 As for the Special Edition Landrover Defender G4….it is the proud possession of Dietmar Kaiser, General Manager of Kehrtec.

In his own words “Both machines are great examples of British engineering excellence, great value and also fun to drive”.

Prospect City Council, Australia purchase another Scarab Mistral
Saturday - Sep 29, 2012 2:46 am
Prospect City Council, Australia purchase another Scarab Mistral
Rosmech our Australian distributor have sold an additional Scarab Mistral to Prospect City Council, Adelaide in Southern Australia. The Scarab Mistral was fitted to a UD Chassis a very popular combination in Australia.  The vehicle will be used for general street sweeping in and around the surburb's of Prospect and will work alongside their other Scarab Mistral.

Prospect City Council have been using Scarab products for over 6 years now and are extremely pleased with both the product and the excellent parts and service support supplied by Rosmech Pty.
Prospect's Sweeper operators are finding the new CANbus 3 control system in the new Scarab Mistral fantastic for both ease of operation and the diagnostics feature help the service engineers back at the yard keep the machine in good order and aware of any problems, these features combined with the suction power of the Twin-Engine Scarab Mistral make for a fantastic truck-mounted road sweeper.

Good Luck and Farewell Austin
Friday - Sep 28, 2012 3:33 am
Good Luck and Farewell Austin
 Good Luck and Farewell Austin

Austin Anderson, North West Regional Sales Manager has been a loyal member of the Scarab Sales Team for approaching 10 years’ having previously worked at Link-Tip and Gulliver’s Vehicle Hire.

Austin's new career will involve joining his family’s business involved in plastic injection moulding.

The Whole team at Scarab would like to wish him success.

Athens area, Greece, the Municipality of PALEO FALIRO move to Scarab
Monday - Sep 24, 2012 3:58 am
Athens area, Greece, the Municipality of PALEO FALIRO move to Scarab
A great success for Scarabs Greek distributor, D.F. Sarantopoulos who won the public tender for the supply of a new Scarab truck mounted road sweeper in Southern Athens. 

The Municipality of Paleo Faliro were pleased to receive the new Scarab Merlin the machine which will be used for general street cleaning along with some open-market cleaning was fitted with additional options such as simultaneous dual sweeping, along with a high powered sweep and wash facility and cameras for both left and rear sides of the right hand drive vehicle. Experienced municipality driver/operator Mr.Pavlos Sklavounos commented that :"Scarab sweeper is a cleaning lion"  

The single-engine truck mounted Scarab road sweeper will help the local municipality save on both fuel and with it's low emissions and a PM10 rating of 3 stars means that the air will be cleaner compared to many other competitors machines essential whilst working in busy public places. Scarab Sweepers would like to thank Sarantopoulos for it's hard work in winning another tough tender especially when up against so many other strong competitors. 
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