Scarab Success in Saudi Arabia - 50 road sweepers for City of Jeddah
Thursday - Oct 25, 2012 11:41 pm
Scarab Success in Saudi Arabia - 50 road sweepers for City of Jeddah
We are very pleased to confirm that we have appointed Ahmed Soliman Al Fahhad & Sons as our sole distributor for the Scarab product range for Saudi Arabia. Al Fahhad have a long history in managing major waste management contracts in the kingdoms capital cities and we are excited to be working with such a  prestigious organisation . 
The local environment  demands that Municipal equipment needs to be high quality and tough enough to successfully operate in the challenging conditions and Al Fahhad chose the  Scarab range to further support and expand their existing market success.
We have already experienced a fantastic result with the award of more than fifty units destined for operation in the city of Jeddah and look forward to further success with our new colleagues.”

In the photo:
Left to Right; Dave Cassingham Managing Director Scarab Sweepers, Ahmed Soliman Al Fahhad and Doug Flynn Export Sales Manager Scarab Sweepers
Bassetlaw opt for two Scarab truck mounted road sweepers
Monday - Oct 22, 2012 11:34 pm
 Bassetlaw opt for two Scarab truck mounted road sweepers

Extensive trials by Bassetlaw District Council, regarding the running costs of a Scarab single engine sweeper as opposed to a conventional twin engine sweeper, have proved that single engine technology can help save both time and money on a daily basis.  

Using just the chassis engine to optimally drive and power the sweeper helps to save on both weight and space when compared to a conventional twin engine sweeper. With more space available a larger hopper can be fitted to the truck chassis.

“We have worked out that cost per mile using the Scarab Single engine sweeper is more cost effective.  Using only one engine rather than two helps keep the cost down on fuel and also the CO2 emissions are much lower.  The sweeper operators can now sweep for longer thanks to the higher capacity hopper this also means fewer visits back to the yard to tip the waste which also helps save on fuel and time.” explained Peter Jones and Wendy Turner of Bassetlaw D.C

Bassetlaw purchased a Magnum Hydrostatic on a 15.0 tonne DAF chassis fitted with a high pressure wash system and also chose to fit the auxiliary brush option, which is primarily used for weed control although it can aid when sweeping in heavy conditions. The Magnum, as with all Scarab’s range, comes as standard with the CANbus 3 control and diagnostics system. The in-cab colour display assists the driver graphically with information such as which brushes and water systems are in use. The display can also help with vehicle diagnostic reports and can even display the workshop manual directly onto the screen. 

The second sweeper Bassetlaw DC purchased is a Scarab Merlin XP on a DAF chassis. The 7.5 tonne Merlin XP with its additional payload and excellent turning circle was the obvious upgrade from their trusty Scarab Minor compact sweeper.  In their opinion, “the Merlin XP was the ideal choice and compliments the Scarab Magnum in our street cleansing program. Both machines can hold a lot of waste and can travel for long distances, which is vital for a rural area like Bassetlaw.  After several months in operation both vehicles have been working hard with no hiccups at all. We are most certainly satisfied with our decision to go to single engine sweeping technology”.

7 new compact road sweepers for Nottingham City Council
Thursday - Oct 18, 2012 10:35 pm
 7 new compact road sweepers for Nottingham City Council
Nottingham is the second largest City in the East Midlands a diverse city full of history and culture, Nottingham known for its night-life, shopping and culture along with two universities is a haven for tourists, recently Nottingham City Council received 7 more Scarab Minor compact road sweepers to add to the 5 they ordered back in 2009 , the magnificent seven will take on all aspects of the rigorous street cleansing programme installed at the council ,  the new 3.5 tonne road sweepers are all fitted with powerful high pressure water systems with the optional hand lances to help clean out the litter bins in the prestigious city centre.
All of the Minors are single sweep to help maximise their payload capacity , the specification also includes Air Conditioning , Broom & Shovel storage and onboard weighing systems , 5 out of the 7 Minors pictured above are now fully sign written and are awaiting eager drivers to put them through their paces .
Nottingham cc held extensive demonstrations of all types of machinery from well known competitors but the Scarab Minor came out on top because of the versatility it offers to the council , the road speed of the minor was also a factor as it reaches the outlying areas with comfort and ease.

Nottingham City Council Road Sweepers
West Dorset Council purchase a 3rd Azura Road Sweeper
Thursday - Oct 18, 2012 1:18 am
West Dorset Council purchase a 3rd Azura Road Sweeper

West Dorset has recently taken delivery of their third new Azura compact road sweeper; following two similar units purchased in October last year. The newest machine will be working in Bridport a pretty market town on the Jurassic coast or Dorset, and is a busy and highly popular tourist area.

Trevor Holt is the main operator for the new Azura, and is extremely happy with the new machine saying “it performs much better than my previous road sweeper from another manufacturer in both suction and manoeuvrability”. 

As well as having the optional high pressure power wash used to clean around street furniture and along promenades, Trevor’s Azura road sweeper is also fully prepared for the mounting of winter maintenance equipment should it be required.

West Dorset Council has been very pleased with both the performance and reliability of the Azura’s over the past 12 months along with the parts support offered by Scarab Sweepers and this was a key factor in their decision to take an additional third unit. All the machines are serviced and maintained by West Dorset from their main workshop facility in Dorchester. 



12 new Scarab M6 Road Sweepers for Santiago, Chile
Tuesday - Oct 16, 2012 9:52 pm
12 new Scarab M6 Road Sweepers for Santiago, Chile
 The City of Santiago, Chile has benefitted from steady economic growth and through successive development campaigns has become a very modern metropolis in South America. The Government Authorities fight a constant battle to improve air quality in a location that suffers from Atmospheric thermal inversion caused by its geography and climate. This meteorological phenomenon means dust and pollutants produced by road traffic and industry are held in the lower atmosphere, near ground level, leading to respiratory issues for the public.


The Government of Santiago have taken an important decision to increase the quality and frequency of street sweeping across their capital. As a result there will be 12 new Scarab M6 machines put into operation across the various districts by Demarco, a key contractor in the Santiago area.


The Scarab M6 was chosen because of its simplicity of maintenance and low cost of operation whilst still providing the very highest level of PM10 dust control needed to fight this difficult problem. The machines are fitted with high pressure water pumps, front spray bars and additional water tanks to assist in dust suppression, whilst tracking systems connected to the Scarab CANbus3 system, provide a wealth of operational data to the end-user for performance monitoring.


The machines were sold by the Scarab distributor, General Trade S.A, who will be maintaining the machines on a service contract to ensure they provide the highest level service and utilization.

General Trade have been working with Scarab since 2010 and this recent success will add to the array of Scarab machines already operating in the Chilean capital.

Griffith City Council, NSW purchase another Scarab road sweeper
Sunday - Oct 14, 2012 10:40 pm
Griffith City Council, NSW purchase another Scarab road sweeper
Griffith is a thriving community and an up and coming cosmopolitan city in New South Wales, Australia. Set on a backdrop of lush vineyards, thriving orchards and golden fields it is most certainly a bustling and vibrant centre with a diverse mix of people and industries and is the heart of Australia’s food bowl growing a wide variety of fruit and vegetables.
Scarab’s Australian Distributor Rosmech recently put in to operation an additional road sweeper to work alongside Griffith City Council’s existing Scarab Merlin built on the popular UD MK240 Chassis, the new sweeper a Twin Engine Scarab Mistral also built on a UD Chassis but this time the MK 6 model with an Auto Box, will be used alongside their existing Merlin for general street cleansing operations.

Rosmech added an array of new Safety features to the Scarab Mistral including LED Tail lights, rear mounted lights additional reverse lights & brake turning lights along with a CCTV system with Cameras placed in key areas around the Sweeper all viewed on a 6.4 Inch colour screen within the Cab.

Griffith City Council’s sweeper operators pushed for the Scarab Mistral after comparing against the competitions  latest offerings, but after extensive trials they all agreed that they found the Scarab Mistral was easier to operate with its intuitive CANbus Control System along and had excellent suction power and after using their previous Scarab Merlin for some 5 years had knowledge not only of the reliability of the Scarab product but importantly the backup and support provided by Rosmech for both Service and Parts is second to none.

From Left to Right... Dems Pompeani (Griffith City Council - Main Sweeper Operator), Roger Howe (Rosmech – Sweeper Demonstration & Delivery Representative),
Ken Parsons (Griffith City Council – Workshop Manager).
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