Wyndham City Council, Victoria, Melbourne purchase another Scarab Road Sweeper.
Thursday - Dec 20, 2012 1:41 am
Wyndham City Council, Victoria, Melbourne purchase another Scarab Road Sweeper.
Wyndham City Council a local government area in Victoria, located in the south western suburbs of Melbourne have just had delivered their latest Scarab Mistral road sweeper.

Wyndham City Council have been a customer of Rosmech, Scarab’s Australian Distributor for some 11 years, and this new Scarab Mistral road sweeper will work alongside their Scarab Merlin hydrostatic sweeper and a Scarab Major.

The Scarab Mistral is fitted with an additional Auxiliary engine to provide the sweeping power and is a dual sweep vehicle meaning it has suction nozzles and brushes on both sides of the vehicle, it also comes with other extras such as a high pressure water system and a sweep wash facility which includes a detergent wash kit with additional spray bars fitted at the rear of both suction nozzle boxes, it also comes equipped with additional safety features including LED Arrow boards and 4 additional LED beacons and to keep “Charlie Desira” the new driver for this road sweeper happy a powerful pioneer CD player along with 100 watt speakers fitted around the Hino 500 cab.

Charlie says “this is the best sweeper we have, and the new cummins auxiliary engine is much quieter and certainly provides better fuel economy this along with Rosmech’s fantastic support on both servicing and parts supply means we have a high specification sweeper that is on the road for longer, keep up the good work in producing great sweepers “

Charlie Desira, Wyndham City Councils Driver for the Scarab Mistral Road Sweeper
Charlie Desira in the new Scarab Mistral Road Sweeper, built on the Hino 500s Chassis.

Farewell John we wish you a long and happy retirement.
Friday - Nov 30, 2012 5:00 am
Farewell John we wish you a long and happy retirement.

All the staff at Scarab Sweepers and RJP Engineering would like to wish a long and happy retirement to John Affleck, Financial Director.

John has been with Scarab since 1996 having started as a Cost and Works Accountant.

John’s dedication and commitment to the business led him to accept the role of Managing Director from 2005 to 2011 and successfully saw the company through some challenging economic times.

Dave Cassingham, current Managing Director said “John was a great mentor and colleague. He has maintained the company in good financial health and it was a pleasure to work with him for so many years.

The entire staff gathered together to thank John for his loyalty and hard work and to wish him well for the future.

John Affleck and some of the Scarab Sweepers Team.

Guide for operators and workshop staff during the winter season.
Tuesday - Nov 27, 2012 5:21 am
 Guide for operators and workshop staff during the winter season.

This guide has been produced to highlight the costs that can be saved by carrying out some good practices during the winter months to prevent damage to parts on the sweeper which can cause unnecessary costs and downtime to the user.

Important note: This is a guide only and operators should use it in accordance with their Scarab operator instruction manual. 

Good practice tip

Possible parts that can be damaged if ignored
Run low pressure water pump until dry 
Water pump, valves, eccentric, con rod, water pipes and fittings, water jets and water solenoids
Do not run the high pressure water pump dry but leave drain taps open.
Valves and seals in high pressure pump
Drain water tank via drain taps and leave open
Water tank, drain taps
Remove water filter caps, o rings and gauzes, place in cab safely
Water filters, hoses and fittings
Open rear door and leave ajar
Rear door seals, aperture seals and spigot seals
Check screen wash mix
Screen wash container, hoses and fittings
Ensure anti freeze mix is sufficient.
Engine and major components
Pre-morning checks – consider if conditions allow water to be used, refit water filters, close off drain taps, and close rear door and lower hopper in accordance with operator’s instruction manual. 

The following is a general good practice tip throughout the life of the vehicle.

Visually inspect fan weekly, clean as necessary with scraper if required.
An unbalanced fan will cause damage to the hydraulic motor, fan, mounting plate, mesh screen and hopper 

Malaysia take delivery of another Scarab M6 road sweeper
Monday - Nov 26, 2012 5:55 am
Malaysia take delivery of another Scarab M6 road sweeper
“We have now shipped the second unit to Malaysia which has been ordered by the same contractor that purchased an M6 unit earlier this year .The existing M6 machine has been  kept busy  sweeping the road network around Kuala Lumpur International Airport and has performed so well that the customer ordered the second unit to further expand their contract capability.
We are continuing to work very closely with our distributor ScomI special Vehicles SDB BHD in promoting the M6 reliability as a rugged and economical machine in a highly competitive market”

Orkney Islands fleet of Scarabs weclome another Minor road sweeper
Thursday - Nov 15, 2012 3:11 am
Orkney Islands fleet of Scarabs weclome another Minor road sweeper
As the Autumn arrived in Orkney so did a new Scarab Minor, the new road sweeper took the long journey North overland and sea to join the islands fleet of scarab sweepers.

Orkney have been using Scarab Minor's for over 20 years now, this new model replaces a Y registered Scarab Minor which was still in operation but has now been retired after it's 10 years long service. The new Euro 5 engine Minor comes with Scarab's CANbus 3 control and operating system for easy control and diagnostics the new vehicle also includes the new ECOdrive system this helps assist in saving fuel, emissions and noise levels at the simple touch of a switch all these new features have proved to be a great success with the transport and cleansing staff at Orkney. We are confident that they will enjoy  many years service with this new machine and the success of both the Orkney Transport Fleet and Scarab Sweepers will continue.

M6 road sweeper ordered by Team Leyland International.
Thursday - Nov 15, 2012 1:19 am
M6 road sweeper ordered by Team Leyland International.
“Scarab have just completed  an M6 unit ordered by Team Leyland International for operation in the British overseas territory of St Helena in the South Atlantic. The  Island is 2000 miles from the nearest landmass with around 4000 inhabitants which is  currently reachable only by sea and although volcanic the last  eruption was  seven million years ago ! . The new  M6  Roadsweeper will be kept busy cleaning the road network of the  47 square mile island  replacing the aging machine of one of our competitors.  “

Photograph Paul Crompton Commercial Director Team Leyland,
with Nigel Proctor and Doug Flynn from Scarab Sweepers.

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