Double Dutch - Two roadsweepers into the Netherlands
Friday - Mar 1, 2013 5:21 am
Double Dutch - Two roadsweepers into the Netherlands
Founded in 1984, Omrin is a waste management company owned by several Municipalities in the Northern part of Holland. They recently purchased another new Scarab Magnum Hydrostatic thereby continuing their long association with Scarab Sweeper Dealer DHM who represent the Northern territories of Holland.

Omrin started with the Scarab Magnum in 2004 and have since enjoyed great success. Their 450 strong work-force provide a wide range of activities concerning Waste Management and Handling, including operating their own garbage incinerator. Their choice of Scarab is based on their ease of operation, reliable design and low operational costs.

Their Scarab fleet now totals 4 Magnums, 2 Merlins and a Minor and they have recently purchased a Ravo 4-Series CNG powered compact Sweeper making Omrin and increasing Fayat-equipped company.

And by the way the name Omrin is Frisian (the second language in Holland) for Recycle

Omrin Scarab roadsweeper in Holland

One of Omrin’s many Scarab vehicles

Municipal contractor RAD Hoeksche Waard located in Wetmaas, Holland have recently expanded their contracts and now have the responsibility to provide Street Cleaning, Refuse Collection and Landscaping for the five municipalities of Oud Bijerland, Korendijk, Cromstrijen, Binnenmaas and Strijen.

Having already got other Fayat Group products such as Ravo and Mathieu sweepers in their fleet, they naturally looked at Scarab when they needed a truck-mounted machine.

Having done their homework they established from other Dutch customers such as Omrin and the City of Leiden that they were extremely happy with their Scarab products and following a very succesful demonstration they have subsequently placed an order for a Scarab Magnum mounted on a MAN chassis.

RAD Hoeksche Waard are very pleased to know they are the first but surely not the last customer in the Netherlands to have the full Fayat Sweeping Range.

Scarab Magnum roadsweeper in Holland


Sad News.
Monday - Feb 11, 2013 6:58 am
Sad News.
Many of the longer serving staff at Scarab are very sad to hear the news that one of our former colleagues, Peter Wilson has passed away.

Peter was one of the original founder members of Scarab from 1979 (known in those days as RJP Engineering

Whilst Peter had retired from Scarab many years ago, he was an unforgettable character and in the words of one of his colleagues “I have many happy memories of his stories and escapades over the years. He was a marvellous raconteur and always great company”

Peter Wilson 1937 – 2013

 Peter Wilson and Rodger Hoadley

Early Picture (Circa 1980) with Rodger Hoadley on the left and Peter Wilson on the right

The Uruguayan Ministry of Defence choose Scarab M6 road sweeper.
Thursday - Feb 7, 2013 10:13 pm
The Uruguayan Ministry of Defence choose Scarab M6 road sweeper.
Scarab Service Technician Alvin Chambers (second left) successfully returned from Uruguay having assisted in mounting an M6 sweeper kit onto a Mercedes chassis.

The machine was purchased by the Uruguayan Ministry of Defence through General Power Ltda and will be used to maintain the premises of the Air Force.

The M6 was specially selected for its ease and speed of assembly and it's impressive performance in a range of applications.

Alvin was keen to point out that the mounting and instruction was carried out during a very pleasant southern hemisphere summer whilst his UK colleagues endured sub-zero temperatures.

Thanks Alvin, nice shades!

Biffa Littlehampton choose Scarab road sweepers
Wednesday - Feb 6, 2013 4:17 am
Biffa Littlehampton choose Scarab road sweepers
Biffa based in Littlehampton, West Sussex have recently purchased 4 new Scarab road sweepers, 3 compact Scarab Minors and a truck mounted Scarab Mistral built on a Mercedes Chassis. These new vehicles will be put through their paces in and around this popular seaside resort and around Arundel. 

All the vehicles have been fitted with additional safety features such as a Brigade Camera and Monitoring systems with cameras fitted on the side and the rear of the vehicles which can assist in both sweeping and safety, to make the vehicles visible to both pedestrians and road users ultra-bright LED Beacons have been fitted along with reflective chevrons on the rear of the vehicle and direction arrows to help assist traffic.

Biffa Arun have been using Scarab products for 2 decades and once again chose Scarab against the competition for a variety of reasons including product quality, an excellent aftersales support team alongside the environmental benefits of operating a scarab sweeper.

David Maidman Operations Director for Biffa commented, “The Key to the success of Biffa Municipal is three main criteria – technical ability, service delivery and compliance. And whilst it’s not always a forgone conclusion that an existing contractor will successfully be awarded a contract extension, having operated at Arun for the past 7 years we were delighted to see the efforts of our workforce and management team rewarded with the contract extension until 2017. Integral to our achievement is the strong relationship we have with our suppliers and it was therefore an obvious choice to continue with Minor compact and Mistral truck mounted sweepers from Scarab to maintain our very high standards”

Brighton and Hove extend their 15 year relationship using Scarab road sweepers
Wednesday - Feb 6, 2013 2:47 am
Brighton and Hove extend their 15 year relationship using Scarab road sweepers

Brighton and Hove have recently taken delivery of 3 new 7.5 tonne Scarab Merlin XP’s these are to replace their existing Scarab Merlin Hydrostatics which the council have been using successfully for over 9 years and will work alongside their fleet of Scarab Minor 3.5 tonne compacts.

After carrying out a series of demonstrations, Scarab were successful in a competitive tender, with the Scarab Merlin XP winning hands down on features, being environmentally friendly and importantly proving to be cost effective when compared to the strong competition. This alongside Scarab’s proven aftersales support certainly offered Brighton and Hove the best all round package.

The new Merlin road sweepers which are built on the popular DAF LF chassis are all fitted with a number of options to maximise performance, these include a dual sweep system, high pressure wash with front spray bar, detergent wash kit and an automatic greasing system.  Health and safety is obviously very important to the council, and with that in mind the latest machines are fitted with ISS
 LED light bars alongside a ISS recordable CCTV system and a chapter 8 rear door including direction arrow. In the cab there is a first aid kit and eyewash station.

The vehicles are monitored via a CMS supatrak system the Council have also taken out an extended Scarab 3 Year warranty on the sweepers.  

Scarab taking on the UK Sales and Support of EPOKE winter maintenance equipment.
Wednesday - Jan 2, 2013 3:05 am
Scarab taking on the UK Sales and Support of EPOKE winter maintenance equipment.
Scarab are very pleased to announce their co-operation with Epoke A/S from Denmark and are taking on the UK Sales and Support of the range of Epoke winter maintenance equipment from January 2013.
“Scarab recognise Epoke as a market leader in their field that deserves greater brand recognition in the UK”, said Dave Cassingham, Managing Director of Scarab. “Our two companies have a lot in common in that we both are true manufacturers of our products; building the equipment from the raw steel upwards. Add to that, both our desires to introduce appropriate technology with the aim of improving performance and reducing running and maintenance cost means we have a common understanding of our goals in the UK and indeed worldwide.
Winter maintenance is not going to be just a bolt-on product to the Scarab range, instead Scarab are taking this opportunity seriously and will be employing the necessary people to specialise in this sector. The partnership will ultimately bring additional jobs in mounting the equipment onto chassis and to develop specialist options in the Scarab factory.

Key to the success will be the appointment of John Saint who will Manage the winter maintenance department. “John is already well known and respected in the winter maintenance sector and will be a great asset to our new venture.” added Dave The advantages of combining the sales and support of winter equipment with sweepers has long since been recognised. Sweepers are always less utilised when temperatures approach freezing, the importance is switched from sweeping to spreading to keep our roads and highways open.

John Saint was keen to point out “The Scarab UK factory and especially the after-sales network is more than capable of providing the support needed by these critical machines. The Epoke product has a great deal of previously un-tapped potential in the UK and I feel confident that the combination of Epoke and Scarab will allow me to have a positive impact into the market”.

The Epoke range of winter maintenance equipment includes both dry and pre-wet gritting solutions and equipment suitable for all type of applications from footpaths to motorways, complementing perfectly the range of sweepers already on offer from Scarab’s Kent base.
For further information contact John Saint by email

Our Dedicated Epoke Site is located here

Epoke Winter Maintenance Equipment available at Scarab

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