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Scarab Minor Compact Road sweeper

3.5 & 4.2 Tonne Chassis - 4 Brushes as Standard


The standard 3.5 tonne Scarab Minor is the most versatile urban/precinct road sweeper in the world. With a hopper capacity of 2.0 cubic metres fitted with Large Access doors on either side, a water tank of 420 litres using a heavy duty commercial water pump to power the low pressure front spray bar, brush and nozzle jets.
A wander hose to clean awkward areas or gulleys, and its standard unique four-brush sweeping pattern giving you a sweep width of up to 2.17 metres combines for an unrivalled performance, it is a full-size sweeper in a small package.

Ideal for many applications from pavement to heavy duty street cleansing, to food & packaging warehouses, park lands and airport perimeters.

With clean - efficient Euro 5 3.0 turbo charged VM power unit, single-pedal control, compact dimensions and a unique sweeping pattern allied to outstanding versatility, the Scarab Minor represents class leading performance no matter how you choose to measure it.

Productivity & Performance
  • 2 x Front Brush, Channel Brush, Belly Brush
  • Extensive selection of brush patterns
  • Wide sweep path of up to 2170mm /2400mm Dual sweep option
  • Hydrostatic Drive system
  • Vehicle a travel speed of 65kph / 40mph.
  • Powerful 3.0 litre turbo charged Detroit Diesel VM motor
  • Exceeds the latest Euro 5 regulations.
  • Low Height Minor 1.7 Cubic Metre Capacity
  • Standard Minor 2.0 Cubic Metre Capacity
Operator Environment
  • Power Steering (standard)
  • Cruise Control
  • CD Radio (standard)
  • 12v Power Socket
  • 3 Speed air heater and ventilation system.
  • Cab is rubber mounted and sound insulated.
  • Easy to Access Back-lit instrumentation.
  • Comfy Seats with inertia seatbelts.
  • Storage/Tool box located under Drivers Seat
  • Cab air conditioning (option)
Reliability & Durability
  • Proven, high performance Detroit Diesel VM engine is very efficient, reliable and easy to maintain.
  • Hopper is constructed from stainless steel making it rust and abrasion resistant whilst retaining strength.
  • The fully appointed custom cab is manufactured from corrosion resistant materials.
  • Every machine is tested for hydraulic cleanliness to ensure that the circuit is completely free of contamination, thus increasing hydraulic component reliability.
  • Stainless Steel Piping on hydraulic system means a cleaner longer lasting system.

Ravo Fayat Corporation


Scarab’s CANbus control system has revolutionised the way sweepers are operated and maintained.
Intuitive controls and a conveniently positioned colour monitor provide comprehensive levels of feedback to both operating and service personnel.


A graphical display indicates the sweeping configuration and conditions of the vehicle systems including warnings and regular service reminders. Real-time monitoring and datalogging provides valuable assistance in resolving problems and achieving optimum machine performance.


Scarab CANbus includes universal connectors for fitment of Global positioning System (GPS) and the option of real-time data via telematic up-link.

CANbus3 roadsweeper control panel

A conveniently positioned colour monitor displays operating information and enables the driver and service personnel to scroll through a number of screens to display and adjust vehicle set-up.

Standard Minor

EUnited PM10 Municipal Equipment Rating

Standard Specification 3.5 Tonne Chassis 1000 kg
Public Works Vehicles 4.2 Tonne Chassis 1700 kg
Vehicle Height 2245 mm
Vehicle Width 1650 mm
Vehicle Length 4230 mm
Unladen Weight 2650 kg (dependent upon specification)
Hopper Volume Gross Capacity 2.0 m3 Standard
Hopper Volume Gross Capacity 1.6 m3 Hi-Tip model



Truck Mount Video


pdfScarab Minor Technical Specification


ISO9001 Company
Epoke Winter Maintenance Equipment - Scarab is the Sole UK Distributor

Scarab Sweepers Limited
Pattenden Lane - Marden Tonbridge - Kent
United Kingdom
TN12 9QD

Tel: +44 (0)1622 831006
Fax: +44 (0)1622 832417

Scarab Road Sweepers