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Monday - Mar 9, 2015 5:08 am
Bicester Sweepers new Scarab Magnum Hydrostatic
Bicester Sweepers have just taken delivery of a Scarab Magnum Hydrostatic mounted on a 15ton euro six DAF chassis; this new sweeper joins the Scarab Mistral they purchased last year. The Magnum is fitted with the new Scarab high speed fan option which gives up to 40% more suction performance, due to the additional power the fan creates a newly designed and strengthened 7.2 meter hopper is supplied which gives an impressive 7.5 tonne payload.

The new Magnum is a highly specified machine and is fitted with many options including an auxiliary channel brush mounted on the near side, overhead suction boom, high-pressure power wash and a high powered Hydrostatic gearbox.
Robert Herring the Managing Director of Bicester Sweepers has been running a fleet of Road sweepers for many years and until recently used twin engine sweepers from another manufacturer, one of Robert’s hobbies is steam engines from a bygone age and he sees the single engine design of the Magnum as the modern future in road sweepers. 
Being a Hydrostatic the Scarab Magnum makes very good use of the 250 BHP DAF engine to power the sweeper. The engine can be run as low as 1100 RPM which is right at the bottom of the green band and works extremely well on the new Euro 6 engines.
We would like to thank Bicester Sweepers for their custom.

Thursday - Feb 19, 2015 5:59 am
London Borough of Havering receive their 3 new Scarab Minors
London Borough of Havering have taken delivery of their three new Scarab Minor's all fitted with the optional dual sweep channel brush system this gives the vehicle the ability to sweep either side of the vehicle meaning a greater sweeping coverage and the ability to clean around Roundabouts with ease.  The three machines will cover a wide area from the surburban areas of Romford through to industrial areas around Rainham, the Scarab Minor is a wise choice for the L.B of Havering due to the versatility of the machine along with the speed at which it can travel between areas.
Thursday - Feb 12, 2015 12:14 am
Salford City Council have taken delivery of 5 Scarab Azuras and 3 Scarab Merlins
Salford City Council has just taken delivery of five Scarab Azura Compact sweepers and three Scarab Merlin truck-mount sweepers, each fitted to a 12 tonne DAF chassis.  The City of Salford, which is now home to the BBC's headquarters, located by the newly developed docklands is a busy urban area and with close to 300,000 people living and working here the sweepers chosen had to be reliable, powerful and environmentally friendly. 
Salford operatives were impressed with the Scarab range of machines and were surprised by the suction power and versatility of the Azura compact sweepers this extra suction power allows the machine to keep the streets of Salford cleaner and quicker as fewer passes are required this also saves money on fuel and assists in a cleaner environment , whilst the truck-mounted Scarab Merlin's won Salford over with its flexibility to sweep in a variety of urban and wider spaces this is due to the compact 12 tonne chassis , yet it still allows a substantial payload of over 5.5 tonnes in conjunction with the simple to use Scarab Hydrostatic drive system allows for more concentration on the road ahead whilst sweeping. 
Wednesday - Oct 8, 2014 10:17 pm
Al Fahhad place an order for a further Sixty Scarab M6 Sweepers.
At the recent Riyadh Trade Fair Al Fahhad ME had on display on their large and impressive stand the M6 and Azura Sweepers. The Al Fahhad team were busy with customers throughout the show with the additional support of the Scarab team in attendance.

Al Fahhad ME have continued to excel in securing orders and our most successful distributor which was further demonstrated by their latest order  for sixty more M6 sweepers which will bring the total number of machines operating in KSA exceeding 200 with further prospects under discussion.

A big congratulations to all the Al Fahhad ME team.

Sixty more Scarab M6 road sweepers in to Saudi

Thursday - Sep 18, 2014 3:07 am
Thursday - Sep 18, 2014 3:05 am
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