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Thursday - Nov 15, 2012 3:11 am
Orkney Islands fleet of Scarabs weclome another Minor road sweeper
As the Autumn arrived in Orkney so did a new Scarab Minor, the new road sweeper took the long journey North overland and sea to join the islands fleet of scarab sweepers.

Orkney have been using Scarab Minor's for over 20 years now, this new model replaces a Y registered Scarab Minor which was still in operation but has now been retired after it's 10 years long service. The new Euro 5 engine Minor comes with Scarab's CANbus 3 control and operating system for easy control and diagnostics the new vehicle also includes the new ECOdrive system this helps assist in saving fuel, emissions and noise levels at the simple touch of a switch all these new features have proved to be a great success with the transport and cleansing staff at Orkney. We are confident that they will enjoy  many years service with this new machine and the success of both the Orkney Transport Fleet and Scarab Sweepers will continue.

Thursday - Nov 15, 2012 1:19 am
M6 road sweeper ordered by Team Leyland International.
“Scarab have just completed  an M6 unit ordered by Team Leyland International for operation in the British overseas territory of St Helena in the South Atlantic. The  Island is 2000 miles from the nearest landmass with around 4000 inhabitants which is  currently reachable only by sea and although volcanic the last  eruption was  seven million years ago ! . The new  M6  Roadsweeper will be kept busy cleaning the road network of the  47 square mile island  replacing the aging machine of one of our competitors.  “

Photograph Paul Crompton Commercial Director Team Leyland,
with Nigel Proctor and Doug Flynn from Scarab Sweepers.

Sunday - Oct 28, 2012 11:45 pm
South Somerset go for two Scarab Truck Mount Road Sweepers
South Somerset is in the heart of England’s West Country it covers some 370 square miles with a population of around 158,000 people and with a combination of bustling towns and pretty villages as well as wide open spaces it demands road sweepers that can be versatile and work in a wide range of conditions for this they chose two Scarab truck-mount sweepers.


The two vehicles in question a Scarab Magnum with its 7.2cm2 hopper mounted on a 15t DAF chassis and their latest delivery a Scarab Merlin with its 6.2cm2 Hopper mounted on an Iveco 15t chassis both these vehicles are Ex-Scarab Demonstrators and are highly equipped with optional extras including powerful high pressure wash systems with booster spray bars fitted to the suction boxes as well as a wash system fitted to assist in the cleaning of the Suction Fans.


Both sweepers are using Scarab Single engine technology but with a clever twist, as these vehicles are fitted with Scarab’s ingenious Hydro-Drive system which incorporates both Hydrostatic and Uni-Drive technologies this gives sweeper operators the perfect combination for any sweeping situation, switch to hydrostatic for ultra-slow sweeping mode without fear of any adverse effect on the chassis clutch, transmission or braking systems but also have the option of switching to Uni-drive mode giving you the ability to start any sweeping operation quickly and easily without the need of stopping the vehicle by simply pressing a button to switch in and out of sweep mode.


Another optional feature is the auxiliary side brush, this can function as an additional standard brush for very tough sweeping conditions or if the operator requires it can be used for weed ripping or as cut and sweep brushes.


The two primary operators of these new Scarab vehicles are Richard Murphy and Chris King both are impressed with the suction power and the speed in which they can switch in and out of sweep mode, Richard said “I love this new Scarab and the benefits it brings and with the Hydro box it really helps in real world sweeping”

Both Scarab’s will be serviced and looked after by Alan Newbury who recently took a 4 day training course at Scarabs Headquarters in Marden, Kent.

Thursday - Oct 25, 2012 11:41 pm
Scarab Success in Saudi Arabia - 50 road sweepers for City of Jeddah
We are very pleased to confirm that we have appointed Ahmed Soliman Al Fahhad & Sons as our sole distributor for the Scarab product range for Saudi Arabia. Al Fahhad have a long history in managing major waste management contracts in the kingdoms capital cities and we are excited to be working with such a  prestigious organisation . 
The local environment  demands that Municipal equipment needs to be high quality and tough enough to successfully operate in the challenging conditions and Al Fahhad chose the  Scarab range to further support and expand their existing market success.
We have already experienced a fantastic result with the award of more than fifty units destined for operation in the city of Jeddah and look forward to further success with our new colleagues.”

In the photo:
Left to Right; Dave Cassingham Managing Director Scarab Sweepers, Ahmed Soliman Al Fahhad and Doug Flynn Export Sales Manager Scarab Sweepers
Monday - Oct 22, 2012 11:34 pm
 Bassetlaw opt for two Scarab truck mounted road sweepers

Extensive trials by Bassetlaw District Council, regarding the running costs of a Scarab single engine sweeper as opposed to a conventional twin engine sweeper, have proved that single engine technology can help save both time and money on a daily basis.  

Using just the chassis engine to optimally drive and power the sweeper helps to save on both weight and space when compared to a conventional twin engine sweeper. With more space available a larger hopper can be fitted to the truck chassis.

“We have worked out that cost per mile using the Scarab Single engine sweeper is more cost effective.  Using only one engine rather than two helps keep the cost down on fuel and also the CO2 emissions are much lower.  The sweeper operators can now sweep for longer thanks to the higher capacity hopper this also means fewer visits back to the yard to tip the waste which also helps save on fuel and time.” explained Peter Jones and Wendy Turner of Bassetlaw D.C

Bassetlaw purchased a Magnum Hydrostatic on a 15.0 tonne DAF chassis fitted with a high pressure wash system and also chose to fit the auxiliary brush option, which is primarily used for weed control although it can aid when sweeping in heavy conditions. The Magnum, as with all Scarab’s range, comes as standard with the CANbus 3 control and diagnostics system. The in-cab colour display assists the driver graphically with information such as which brushes and water systems are in use. The display can also help with vehicle diagnostic reports and can even display the workshop manual directly onto the screen. 

The second sweeper Bassetlaw DC purchased is a Scarab Merlin XP on a DAF chassis. The 7.5 tonne Merlin XP with its additional payload and excellent turning circle was the obvious upgrade from their trusty Scarab Minor compact sweeper.  In their opinion, “the Merlin XP was the ideal choice and compliments the Scarab Magnum in our street cleansing program. Both machines can hold a lot of waste and can travel for long distances, which is vital for a rural area like Bassetlaw.  After several months in operation both vehicles have been working hard with no hiccups at all. We are most certainly satisfied with our decision to go to single engine sweeping technology”.

Thursday - Oct 18, 2012 10:35 pm
 7 new compact road sweepers for Nottingham City Council
Nottingham is the second largest City in the East Midlands a diverse city full of history and culture, Nottingham known for its night-life, shopping and culture along with two universities is a haven for tourists, recently Nottingham City Council received 7 more Scarab Minor compact road sweepers to add to the 5 they ordered back in 2009 , the magnificent seven will take on all aspects of the rigorous street cleansing programme installed at the council ,  the new 3.5 tonne road sweepers are all fitted with powerful high pressure water systems with the optional hand lances to help clean out the litter bins in the prestigious city centre.
All of the Minors are single sweep to help maximise their payload capacity , the specification also includes Air Conditioning , Broom & Shovel storage and onboard weighing systems , 5 out of the 7 Minors pictured above are now fully sign written and are awaiting eager drivers to put them through their paces .
Nottingham cc held extensive demonstrations of all types of machinery from well known competitors but the Scarab Minor came out on top because of the versatility it offers to the council , the road speed of the minor was also a factor as it reaches the outlying areas with comfort and ease.

Nottingham City Council Road Sweepers
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