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Friday - Jun 28, 2013 2:22 am
KEIBA 2013 - WINNER - Success in International Markets
Scarab is delighted to have won the KEiBA 2013 award for Success in International Markets.  

The judges praised the Company's willingness to go beyond just selling sweepers, and provide committed after-care and welcomed its measured risk-taking to gain new contracts.  Scarab export machines to over 30 countries, including Russia, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, which now accounts for 75% of the business turnover.

And with key developments, such as offering sweepers in kit form that can be containerised in multiples for shipment around the world. This has not only cut freight costs but enabled the local dealer to reduce import duties. Scarab takes an innovative approach to overseas markets by examining each country for cultural, behavioural, climate and technological characteristics and tailoring products to meet them.

Well done to all the Staff at Scarab our Distributors and Suppliers who have all helped us achieve this fantastic award.

For more info on KEiBA (Kent Excellence in Business Awards) please visit

Scarab win the KEiBA 2013 Award for Success in International Markets


Wednesday - Jun 26, 2013 4:41 am
Preston C.C take delivery of a new Scarab Roadsweeper

Preston City Council have taken delivery of a Scarab Mistral mounted on a DAF FA LF 55  chassis , the specification includes the latest Scarab Canbus 3.1 system which now comes standard with the ability to see the rear of the machine when reversing via the CANbus 7" Colour screen.  Preston's main driver operator Billy said "I cannot wait to put the vehicle to work, it's a fantastic piece of kit"  

A comprehensive training programme had been carried out by Micky Roots, Scarab Sweepers vehicle trainer to ensure that the vehicle is in trusted and safe hands and will be looked after for several years to come.


The Mistral's 6.2 cubic metre hopper and the ability to carry nearly 7 tonnes of payload means it can stay out on the road sweeping for longer periods without the need for tipping, the machine has been fitted with dual sweep and suction mode and comes fitted with a powerful sweep and wash facility which includes a full width front spray bar which now doubles up to incorporate the low pressure water spray.

Preston Scarab Roadsweeper

Billy pictured above First from the left along with his colleagues who are looking forward to putting the vehicle through its paces.

Thursday - Jun 20, 2013 10:01 pm
Scarab exhibit at Suisse Public Expo in Bern, Switzerland.
The exhibition season continues with another showing of Scarab around the world. This time in Bern where Kehrtec, Scarab distributor in Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland were showing two Scarab Magnums as well as a range of other municipal equipment manufactured by their sister company Dietmar Kaiser.

The Scarab machines we well equipped from the factory and have subsequently been fitted with special wide nozzle options in Kehrtec's new workshop facility in Liechtenstein.

Friday - Jun 7, 2013 2:42 am
Sedgemoor District Council double retirement.
Sedgemoor District Council has just taken delivery of a new Scarab Minor. This is an ex demonstration machine. It joins the two Scarab Magnum truck mounted road sweepers and a Scarab Minor sweeper which have gone into service over the last 18 months.

The new Scarab Minor is plated at 3.5 tons allowing any driver with a standard car licence to operate. It replaces an 8 year old Scarab Minor which has been very well used by Sedgemoor D.C clocking up well over 10,000 sweeping hours, this machine will now be retired for a well-earned rest!

Norman Scott is the main operator of the Minor is very pleased with the improvements Scarab has made with the latest model.  Sedgemoor have been operating Scarab road sweepers for over 22 years which gives us great delight and proves that the product and the after-sales service we provide is first class.

Graham Cox has just retired after driving a Scarab truck mounted sweeper at Sedgemoor District Council for over 20 years. Graham had a small party with a cake in the shape of his sweeper. Scarab would like to wish Graham a long and happy retirement and thank him for his input in the past over replacement sweepers.

Friday - Jun 7, 2013 12:41 am
 Malvern Hills take delivery of an ex-demo Scarab Magnum Hydrodrive roadsweper.


Malvern Hills newly delivered Scarab Magnum Hydro drive is a unique single engine sweeper, the machine comes fitted with two drive systems. One is a PTO which means that at a touch of one button all the sweep gear can be switched on and off and the other a Hydrostatic gearbox which will allow the sweeper to be turned into an automatic vehicle allowing the operator to alter the speed of the sweeper from 0 mph to around 18mph by just using the throttle pedal. This makes sweeping far less fatiguing for the operator.

Malvern Hills tested the latest machine from another popular roadsweeper manufacture but found the benefits of the single engine Scarab roadsweeper to be the deciding factor. The new vehicle is fitted with an additional channel brush on the near side which is able to extend out much further then the standard channel brush which allows the operator to not only sweep areas that he could not normally access but also allowing him to sweep a larger area, double sweep in one pass or fit an alternative brush such as a weed ripper. 

Danny Healy from Malvern said they chose the Hydro drive for its ability to sweep both town and rural areas so well. Malvern is well know as the HQ of Morgan cars a manufacture of bespoke hand made vehicles. So it seems quite fitting that a unique hand built Scarab will now be keeping the streets of Malvern clean 

Pictured are George Kerley (day driver) Martin Withern (afternoon driver) Bryn Jones (spare driver)
Pictured are George Kerley (day driver) Martin Withern (afternoon driver) Bryn Jones (spare driver)


Friday - Jun 7, 2013 12:37 am
Bridgend take delivery of three new Scarab Merlin XP road sweepers

Bridgend have just taken delivery of three new Scarab Merlin XP truck mounted road sweepers all built on the popular 7.5 ton Iveco euro 5 chassis. 
All three sweepers are single engine hydrostatics and replace Bridgend's five year old Scarab Merlin's. The new road sweepers are single sweep which helps maximize the already impressive payload, and with the Scarab Merlin XP only using the chassis single engine to power the sweep gear means lower emissions and excellent fuel economy. Bridgend were very happy with both the performance and the after-sales service provided by Scarab on the previous machines this made choosing Scarab over the competition even easier. 
All three Merlin XP sweepers are fitted with Scarabs latest CANbus 3.1 control and diagnostic system which now has the ability to view the rear cctv camera direclty on the operators screen and also allows the download of vehicle data to a USB stick. The new vehicles will be very easy to spot as they are in Bridgend's chosen colour of bright yellow and include a oversized direction arrow at the rear.

Bridgend Purchase three new Scarab Merlin XP roadsweepers

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