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Meet Mr Dusty The Roadsweeper !
Tuesday, Mar 15, 2011 4:48 pm
Meet Mr Dusty The Roadsweeper !

Waveney Norse Purchased three new road sweepers to carry out street cleansing in the Waveney area and jointly decided with Scarab to invite schoolchildren to name the sweepers. Waveney displayed the sweepers at Lowestoft Airshow and ran the competition in partnership with Scarab to give fun names to the new cleaning equipment, with the winners being drawn out of a box by the sweepers' drivers.

Each of the winners from Warren School was presented with a goody bag from Waveney Norse and Scarab along with a special prize for the School. The winners also got to see the sweepers bearing the names they had picked - Mr Dusty, chosen by Hannah Richardson, Dusty, chosen by Lauren Coote and Smudge, chosen by Hannah Lawler.

Mike Daniels, Waveney Norse's service manager for cleansing, said: "Having received over 300 entries, it was wonderful to see such a high level of interest in the competition and to share in the children's excitement at having their names on the sweepers.

The Scarab Sweepers will be used for general street cleansing in Waveney, the sweeper operators said they preferred the simplicity of the new CANbus controls and the better performance over their previous competitors machines and were delighted to take part in a great competition,

 Mark Fellows from Scarab alongside Mike Daniels Service Manager for Cleansing Presenting Prize to Warren School


Scarab Mistral aka Mr Dusty with its Auxiliary Weed Ripper Brush
Above:  You can see one of the Scarab's "Mr Dusty" fitted with an optional weed ripping brush to suit the needs of Waveney Norse.

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