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Douglas B.C time delivery of a new Scarab to perfection.
Tuesday, May 3, 2011 4:39 pm
Douglas B.C time delivery of a new Scarab to perfection.

Douglas Borough Council, located in the Capital of the fabulous Isle of Man, have just taken delivery of their first Scarab Minor with Euro 5 engine emission technology, continuing the long line of previous Scarab Sweepers employed by the Authority over the last 20 years.


The new machine, pictured at the depot just prior to having its Corporate Livery fitted, was delivered and commissioned just in time to start work before the world famous Isle of Man TT Races kick off for 2011. With the expected visitor numbers to be very high this year, as this year marks a milestone being the Centenary of the awesome Mountain Course, clearly, this is going to be a very busy period of time for the Borough. Although the Scarab Minor will never set a fastest lap record, its arrival is certainly exceptional timing!This new Minor is a well specified machine, equipped to meet the challenges that its new Island home will present it head on. As standard, it meets the latest engine emission criteria and will help the Authority with its commitment to reduce its Carbon output over the next 5 years. This Minor also meets the latest PM10 particulate emission criteria, which is something that all Scarab Sweepers have complied with since its inception and a key requirement to the Borough. Some of the optional features fitted, such as the High Pressure Water System with detergent kit and onboard hand wash system will be integral in the clean up after the festivities of the TT period for Paddy Higgins, Waste Services Manager, and his team, as well as throughout the rest of the year.


Asked why the Scarab Minor was the machine of choice, Paddy said “the Scarab Minor has proven its reliability to be the best when compared to others over the years that we have operated the machine and it fits very well into our operation.”

Scarab Minor Road Sweeper

Steve Dugdale, Transport and Plant Manager of Douglas Borough Council and his team, will be tasked with carrying out the maintenance of this new Scarab Minor, along with the existing two other Scarab Sweepers in the Borough’s fleet, using their state of the art workshops. When talking with Steve about the decision to order another Scarab, he said “the Scarab Minor has always proven to be a reliable machine and the backup we receive from the Manufacturer has always been very good. Obviously, the challenges of being located on the Isle of Man are a good test and parts supply from Scarab has always been up to that challenge.”


Douglas Borough Council also operates a further Scarab Minor and a Scarab Merlin Hydrostatic

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