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Ten Scarab Minor and Magnums with Winter Modifications delivered to Prague
Wednesday, Nov 10, 2010 4:53 pm
Those that have visited the historic and beautiful city of Prague may be familiar with the frequent traffic congestion that befalls the Czech city that is yet to complete its ring-road. Combine this with the not uncommon snow falls of 20cm and the challenges faced by the cities cleaning department become all too apparent.

František Hodan is the cities Street Services Manager and from his office in the Pražske Služby (Prague Service) Headquarters he keeps complete control over maintaining the high level of service demanded by residents and visitors alike. The selection of his equipment is critical and it is no surprise that UK based Scarab Sweepers has delivered 10 machines to assist in this task. Scarab’s long standing Czech distributor A-TEC, headed by Martin Ninger has worked closely with A.S.A. who are contracted to clean the area to the Southwest of the city called Prague 5.  


Essential to the Prague’s efficient operation is the satellite tracking and telemetry that is fitted to virtually all their 450 municipal vehicles. This requirement is easily accommodated by Scarab’s world leading CANbus system which provides full sweeping data and self diagnostics in real time. The mix of Minor and Magnum models are specially modified by A-TEC to be demountable for winter fitment of gritters and snow ploughs. All the machines are fitted with noise reducing packages for minimal disturbance whilst the single engine design ensures that these efficient cleaning machines are also clean machines. For further information please contact Scarab Sweepers via

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